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2021/09/03 01:00 We have added "Monthly Results", "Yearly Results", "Change each time", etc., functions to the "Daily Results" function.
2021/07/04 20:00 Functionality to save diagnosis results has been released.
2021/06/04 23:15 Diagnosis title image functionality was partially changed
2021/06/03 21:00 We have released a new function, “diagnosis title image”
2021/04/13 04:00 Search function has been reopened
2021/04/10 23:00 We have renewed our site
2021/04/05 23:00 Due to the site renewal, we will be suspending our service temporarily on 2021-04-11
2020/03/26 22:20 RAND_N function that can display random numerical values has been released.
2020/03/05 19:30 Regarding the SUMLIST function specification update
2020/01/20 20:00 The specifications for displaying individual values in a list have changed.
2019/09/12 20:36 A new menu,["users sorted by country and region" of diagnoses] has been released on My Page.
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