2021/06/04 23:15

Diagnosis title image functionality was partially changed

Thank you for your continued support for ShindanMaker. In the release a few days ago, there were partial changes to the functionality of the "diagnosis title image."

We are now letting you choose whether or not to display the diagnosis title image on the diagnosis page.
At the time of release, when a diagnosis creation is completed, a title image is generated, and that title image is applied to the Twitter card, as well as always being displayed on the diagnosis page and diagnosis list. We changed it so you can choose to display/not display it on the diagnosis page. "Do not display" is chosen as the default setting. On the Twitter card and the diagnosis list, the title image is always displayed.
We also made it possible to hide the text inside the title image.
If you use your own custom-made background image with the diagnosis title already drawn in it, you can now hide the diagnosis title text drawn on the title image by setting the text size to 0.

We hope you will continue making good use of ShindanMaker.

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