Image diagnoses

Dumb b*tch meme generator

yes. i did god's work (CW: some contain graphic language)

Fate Romance

A shindan that gives you a detailed description of life with your fate lover!

Your Inner Monster Girl and Fetish!! [With Images]

This gives you a LOT of information and has trillions of possible results.(I'm still updating this Diagnosis, so please favourite it!!)

Palette Challenge (Widzorożce Olsikowej)

Generator stworzony dla grupy "Widzorożce Olsikowej". W pole z imieniem wpisz swoje IMIĘ i NAZWISKO, żeby otrzymać wynik.

Marvelous Little Creature Gachapon!

Which Marvelous Little Creature will you get?

Vending Machine Danshi

This is a magic vending machine which dispenses random drinks. Your name is the coin, are you ready to collect them all?[Currently 6 Drink Guys available plus one Special. Constantly refilled every day with new additional drinks]DRINK GETTT~!!

Shrunk in Animal Crossing

Being mayor is no small job, or so you thought! But next thing you know, you've woken up to find yourself no bigger than a Bell in somewhere that isn't your bed. Will the animal you cross be feeling neighborly or nefarious? Includes character pictures!

Sword Generator

|| Lookin' for a new sword? How 'bout this one? If you ain't fond of it, come back tomorrow. || (1.031) Even More parts added (and a hotfix), with more to come at a later date. ||

Which froggy sex position are you?

Find out which froggy sex position you are! Includes the newly discovered 7th position

If you were a Toyota, what car would you be?

A simple little test that tells you what kind of Toyota you would be if you were one.

Your Anime Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day

Mermay Challenge 2019 (Widzorożce Olsikowej)

Generator wykonany dla grupy Widzorożce Olsikowej. Aby otrzymać wynik wpisz imię postaci, którą chcesz narysować (najlepiej swojej własnej) albo swoje IMIĘ I NAZWISKO.

Who is your Nogizaka46 wife?

Who will be your Nogi waifu?

What am I? (OUTDATED)

Find out your true self! Based on the rays from the moon mixed with magic element potion and your lateral location on earth (or the planet Jajazuwah)

Animal Crossing Shrinkage 2.0

You were fishing, hunting bugs, fruit collecting, whatever, when you suddenly shrunk down to a small scale. Let's hope the villagers will be willing to help their new shrunken friend. (Now with images and improved stuff) (Both males and females)

Inner Self versus Outer Self

As an individual, one has its simplicity and complexity. Frosty Yuki Onna was born at the peak of snow mountain but longs for spring. Is your inner self the same as your outer self? What is the colour of your personality as a whole?

Monster design idea generator

this is mainly for personally use and helping me with character ideas but go nuts i guess

Widzorożce Olsikowej- wakacyjny palette challenge

Generator wykonany dla grupy na facebooku Widzorożce Olsikowej. W odpowiednie pole wpisz swoje IMIĘ I NAZWISKO, aby otrzymać wynik.

Palette challenge 4- scenerie

Generator wykonany dla grupy Widzorożce Olsikowej na facebooku. Żeby otrzymać wynik wpisz swoje IMIĘ I NAZWISKO. Przed wykonaniem wyzwania przeczytaj zasady dostępne na grupie Widzorożce Olsikowej

Which Schnee Sibling Are You?

Find out!

image generator

(it doesnt make an image out of thin air, but it shows images! woah!!!)only 24 images at the moment, there shall be more..................

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Generator

Generate your own Saiyan OCWith Custom moveset and form!

Mr. Kitkat

Be lucky and use your name to get a Mr. KitKat![23 Kikat Boys currently available]Collect them all!

What kind of Cure are you?*Precure*

What kind of Cure are you?Check it each day!*You should tweet slowly from your smartphone. If it is a PC or in a hurry, the image fails.

Genshin Character Creator *Images Edition

Images made with Charat, (If they see a problem with this, I shall take it down. If not, I could possibly add more!) /Added Incorrect Quotes! @


nononono you are bad boi

The Magic Conch Shell

Ask it a question!

Which Chaika are you?

Chaikas. So many. You which?

Who's your destined NPC in FotE?

Enter your name to see which NPC is your best match?
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