Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction
    • This Privacy Policy governs all of the services (collectively, the "Services") provided on the "ShindanMaker" website ("Website"), administered by the ShindanMaker administrative team ("Administrators"). The Administrators will comply with Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), and all other related laws, and will manage your personal information in accordance with the following.
  2. How Personal Information is Defined and Collected
    • For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, the personal information that the Administrators may collect from you and manage is defined as follows.
    1. Your IP address, information on your web browser (user agent)
      • When This Information Is Collected
      1. When you have submitted content, information regarding the circumstances of your use of the Services at the time of submission will be collected.
      2. When you have logged into the Services, information regarding the circumstances of your use of the Services at the time of login will be collected.
      3. When you have submitted a report regarding problematic Submitted Content on the Services, personal information and information regarding the circumstances of your use of the Services will be collected.
    2. Account information as provided by the Twitter API (Twitter username, profile text, avatar image, etc.)
      • When This Information Is Collected
      1. On the Services, certain special features may be used by logging in.
        To log into the Services without using an email address or password, you may use "Oauth with the Twitter APIs," the authentication service of the external service Twitter ( In order to use this login method, you must be a registered user of Twitter.
        When you use this authentication service, information made public on Twitter in accordance with the specifications of the Twitter API ( will be provided by Twitter, Inc. to the Services. (This information does not include your password.) The Administrators will collect this information as user information.
        The Services will periodically access the Twitter API to collect your account information again, and will store this information. As a result, when you change information such as your username, profile text, or avatar image on Twitter, your user information on the Services will also be updated automatically to the latest information.
    • Only when a legal action is required, the Administrators may also ask for personal information that is necessary for procedural purposes, such as your full name, address, and/or date of birth.
  3. Purposes for Which Personal Information Is Used
    • The personal information collected and managed by the Administrators, as defined by this Privacy Policy, may be used for the following purposes.
    1. To provide the Services to you in a seamless manner
    2. To prevent improper use of the Services on the part of users
    3. To improve and operate the Services' systems
    4. To analyze how you use the Services
    5. To respond to your inquiries
    6. To confirm your identity when you log in
    7. To accomplish other purposes in connection with the purposes listed above
  4. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
    • The Administrators will not disclose your personal information to any third party, except in any of the following cases.
    1. Cases in which the Administrators have obtained your consent
    2. Cases in which disclosure is required by law
    3. Cases in which you have violated the Services' Terms of Service and the Administrators have determined disclosure to be necessary in order to protect their rights, property, or services, etc., or those of a third party
  5. Inquiring About, Revising, or Deleting Your Personal Information
    • In the event that you wish to inquire about, revise, or request the deletion, etc., of your personal information, please contact our Help Desk. Contact information is provided below. The Help Desk will respond to your request upon confirmation of your identity.
  6. Cookies
    • When you use the Services, the Administrators use your cookie data. Cookies are a feature that allows the storing of information issued by websites within a specified period of time on your web browser. Cookies allow you to reuse data that you have used previously, and to remain logged in even after you have closed your web browser and reopened the Website.
    • Please review the following information regarding how and why cookies are used when you use the Services.
    1. Cookies for the purpose of improving ease of use
      1. "The information you enter in the name entry field" when using a "Diagnosis Page" on the Services is sent to the Administrators at that time. This information is recorded as a cookie for the purpose of saving you the work of entering the same information again when using the Services.
      2. Encrypted "login information" is issued when you log in. This information is recorded in order to ensure that you remain logged in even if you close your web browser and reopen the Website.
  7. Cookies issued by third-party companies
    • The Administrators use the systems of third-party companies for purposes such as the analysis of how the Services are used, and the optimization of the delivery of advertising on the Services.
      As a result, cookies issued by third-party companies may be stored by your web browser.
      All such cookies will be issued and managed independently by the third-party companies in question, for purposes such as the analysis of how the Services are used, and the optimization of the delivery of advertising. The contents of third-party companies' cookie data will never be provided to the Services. The Administrators will never provide any of the personal information obtained by the Services at such times to any third-party company.
      The third-party services that are used by the Services are as follows. Links to pages at which you can review the "opt-out procedures," which will allow you to decline the storage and tracking of cookie data, are also provided.
    Purpose Company Name Google Analytics Opt-Out Procedure
    To ascertain how the Services are being used Google Google Analytics LINK
    To track the performance of advertisements Google Google Ads (Google AdWords) LINK
    Twitter Twitter Ads LINK
    To optimize the delivery of advertisements Google Google Adsense LINK
    株式会社ファンコミュニケーションズ / F@N Communications, Inc. nend LINK
    株式会社アイモバイル / i-mobile Co.,Ltd. i-mobile for SP
    i-mobile for PC
    Criteo Criteo LINK
    Taboola, Inc Taboola LINK
    To improve ease of use Facebook Facebook シェアボタン LINK
  8. Outsourcing to External Contractors
    • In the event that Administrators are entrusting the management of your personal information, in part or in whole, to an external contractor, the Administrators will sign a non-disclosure agreement with said contractor, and will provide oversight as necessary and appropriate in order to ensure that your personal information is managed properly.
  9. Management of Personal Information
    • In order to prevent outcomes such as the unauthorized disclosure, destruction, or loss of your personal information, or unauthorized access to said information, the Administrators will take all necessary measures, and will manage your personal information appropriately.
  10. Compliance with Laws and Standards, and Policy Revisions
    • The Administrators will abide by all applicable laws, ordinances, and other standards concerning the personal information in their possession. Additionally, the Administrators will revise the contents of this Privacy Policy as appropriate, and will endeavor to improve this Privacy Policy whenever possible.
  11. Inquiries
    • If you have any questions regarding the Administrators' management of personal information, please contact @shindanmaker_cs on Twitter via Direct Message. The Administrators will endeavor to handle your inquiry appropriately after reviewing its contents.

Effective: February 20th, 2019

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