Overall rankings

1How Beautiful you are

Diagnoses how beautiful are you

2How perverted are you?

Find out how perverted you are

3Personality Traits

Discover your true personality traits!

4Random OC Generator!

An OC generator I made because I was struggling to think of OC ideas. I tried to put as much detail into it as possible, and will probably add more things to it eventually!

5are you compatible with BTS members?

see if you are compatible with BTS members

6「Your Stand」

What is your JoJo stand?(includes chart :^)


stupid horny baby cursed clown feral

8My Hero Academia Quirk

What's your quirk?

9Thot meter

How much of a thot are you?

10whats ur vibe

vibe chec

11The meaning behind your name

What does your name mean?

12What’s your true position?

The highest result is your true (bedroom) position

13U a top or bottom?

Are you a top or bottom in your relationships?Have a wonderful day

14What are your stats as a waifu?

How good of a waifu are you? Take this shindan to find out!

15Straight Test

Input a name to determine how straight you actually are.

16Genshin Impact OC Generator

What kind of Genshin Impact OC would you have? This OC could also just be you, but Genshin Impact-ified! Edit: Natlan information updated & changed "Frost" to Ice.

17Whats your type?

What type of person are you into?

18How much of a Sinner are you?

Find out how much you have sinned!

20Your Famous Last Words

Words that everyone will remember you by. You only die once! (Now with charts!)

21Boomer Test

Do you boom or coom?

22Your Waifu Score!

Find out what makes you such a great waifu >:3

23How adorable are you?

Test your adorableness! <:3

24Waifu meter

What percentage are you a Waifu?

25What’s your energy?

What energy do you radiate?(Some are NSFW)

26Random Aesthethic Generator

random aesthethic generator

27What Makes You

What ingredients does it take to make you?

28Harem Role

Your role in the harem is....
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