2021/06/03 21:00

We have released a new function, “diagnosis title image”

Thank you for always using ShindanMaker. We have just released a new function, “diagnosis title image”.

What is diagnosis title image?

Diagnosis title image is a function that allows you to set an image and text that express the image of a diagnosis when creating the diagnosis and display them on the diagnosis page and Twitter card.

Diagnosis page

These are images of the title image that is displayed on the diagnosis page (each image is under development).

This is also displayed in the diagnosis result.

Also, the diagnosis title image will be displayed in a trimmed square as the thumbnail image on the diagnoses page list as well.

Twitter cards

Twitter cards are a function that allows the site name, image, and other information to be displayed when tweeting a URL on Twitter. This website is also compatible with this Twitter card function and if you set the diagnosis title image, it will also be reflected as the image for Twitter cards. Images for Twitter cards will have this site’s logo, diagnosis button, and so on added to the image for the diagnosis page.

Image of an image for Twitter cards.

You can create title images in various styles using free images and various fonts


For images, you can use free images provided by the free image site pixabay.com. As we are using pixabay.com’s API, you can easily search for images and configure settings in the diagnosis creation screen. Also, you can upload image files that you created as well.


Other than being able to set the size, color, and borders of text, you can choose fonts from Google fonts provided by Google.

This concludes our announcement. We hope that you will make use of this.

We ask that you continue to support ShindanMaker.

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