2021/04/10 23:00

We have renewed our site

Thank you very much for always using ShindanMaker. We have redesigned the structure of this site, migrated the web app framework, and recreated our site from scratch with the aim of creating a more fun and convenient experience for everyone using ShindanMaker.

In this renewal, we have not made any major changes to the design, but we renewed the overall design.

On the other hand, we have made some major changes to the database. We have stated the major changes made below.

Users can now log into ShindanMaker with multiple Twitter accounts

In the past, we had the following problems when using the Twitter connection function to log in to this site.

  • If one wanted to link a diagnosis that they created to another Twitter account, they had to submit an application to migrate the account to the administrative side, resulting in lost time.
  • If one’s Twitter was frozen, they would no longer be able to log into ShindanMaker.

These are the reasons that each user’s data was linked to a Twitter account 1-to-1.
To solve these problems, we made a change so that each user’s data is no longer a 1-to-1 relationship with their Twitter account and they can now link to multiple Twitter accounts. This allows a single ShindanMaker account to be additionally linked to a new Twitter account.

If you want to change the Twitter account that you use to log in to another account, you can now do this by additionally linking a new Twitter account on the settings page and removing the link with the existing Twitter account after that.

Also, by linking to multiple Twitter accounts in advance, in the unlikely occasion that your Twitter account is temporarily frozen, you can log in using your other account and continue using this site.

The frozen Twitter account will continue to be displayed on the user profile page, but if there are multiple Twitter accounts linked, all of the Twitter accounts will be displayed.

For example, on the ShindanMaker administrative account page, you can see that both @shindanmaker and @shindanmaker_cs are displayed.

Please check the Twitter connection page regarding the addition and removal of connected Twitter accounts.

User data is now independent data and not connected to Twitter

Up until now, the user profile was connected to the profile of the Twitter account used to log in. Thus, when one edited their username or self-introduction text on Twitter, the information on this site would also be changed.

Now that multiple Twitter accounts can be used to log in, the user profile is now independent data as a profile on ShindanMaker. Users can now change and edit their profiles on this site and they are no longer connected to Twitter.

Usernames (e.g. @shindanmaker) are also no longer connected to Twitter and can now be changed on this site.

Please check this profile page regarding editing profiles.

The user page URL has also been changed

Along with the change in user data specifications stated above, the URL of the page displaying the user profile has also been changed. Up until now, diagnoses created andfavorite diagnoses were shown as different directories, but in the future, they will be made consistent in the form of /@{screen_name}.

Diagnoses created/author/{screen_name}/@{screen_name}
Favorite diagnoses/user/{screen_name}/@{screen_name}/favorites

Also, even if the old URL is accessed, the user will be directed to the new URL.

The method of using images when creating diagnoses has been changed

When using images for diagnosis results, up until now, users used the URLs of the images posted to My Images on the diagnosis creation screen, but in the future, other than the image URL, they can also use the image ID assigned to the image.

Example of old specification – image URLExample of new specification – image ID

Image URLs used in the past will continue to be displayed as images. In the future, if you want to use images in diagnoses, please use this image ID.

We have also added a function that lets you pull up the list of images and insert an image ID on the diagnosis creation screen. Please check the insertion tool placed on each list on the diagnosis creation page.


There are some other changes that have been made.

We also changed various URLs other than the user page

Let us give an example. Most pages have been made to redirect the user to the new URL when accessed.

Diagnosis creation page/c/make/create
Diagnosis list/c/list/list

You can now delete your account

By deleting your account, you can delete all of your registered data. Please check the account page.

We have abolished the site notices blog and in the future, we will make announcements on the notice page on this site

In the past, notices regarding new functions were made on the list of notices on My Page or on the site notices blog (Japanese) on an external site, but we have created a new page showing notices from the administrators on the site.

This concludes the notice. If you find any problems or bugs, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we would be grateful if you could send a message to the ShindanMaker support account. @shindanmaker_cs

With the recent framework migration, development can now be carried out more smoothly and speedily. We will strive to be able to provide everyone with many new functions in the future.

We hope that you will continue to support ShindanMaker.

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