2020/03/26 22:20

RAND_N function that can display random numerical values has been released.

To get a random numerical value when making a diagnosis, it was possible through placing a numerical value in the list. However, the values that could be registered on the list were up to 999 max so if you wanted to set a numerical value more than that, you needed to be a little creative.
So, this time, we released a function that can display random numerical values. The RAND_N function has been released.

Actually, in the past, we titled it RAND function and was preparing it, and since there was a need to review the specifications, we didn't officially release it. However, one time we made this function temporarily public on the Create page by mistake.
There were records of our users using this function, but after that, we made this RAND function private again. We are sincerely sorry about this.

Then to change specifications, we changed the name and released it again as RAND_N function . This RAND_N function can set the difference between the minimum value and the maximum value to up to to 2 raised to the power of 60 (1,152,921,504,606,846,976), and it is possible to keep using the value you used once and it is also possible to process duplicates to not show numerical values that were displayed again.
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