2021/07/04 20:00

Functionality to save diagnosis results has been released.

We have just released new functionality that lets you save the displayed diagnosis results to My Page.

When you perform a diagnosis on the diagnosis page and the diagnosis result is displayed, a button that says

should appear.
You can use this button to save the diagnosis results to My Page.

The functionality for saving diagnosis results has the following specifications.

You can check the diagnosis results in chronological order.

The saved diagnosis results will be listed in chronological order on the saved diagnosis results page on My Page.

You can also narrow down your saved diagnosis results to a single diagnosis.

By narrowing down the results to a single diagnosis, you can record diagnosis results for a single diagnosis every day, and check the results in chronological order to see how they change over time.

When saving, you can choose to make it public or private.

If you save it as private, it will not be shown on the individual user page described below or on user diagnosis results, meaning it will be visible on My Page only to yourself.

Displaying on individual user pages.

The saved diagnosis result will also be displayed on your public user page.
Example: @shindanmaker/results

Also displayed in user diagnosis results.

In the "user diagnosis results" column displayed on each diagnosis page, the Twitter API is used to display tweets on Twitter, but now saved diagnosis results will also be displayed in this column.

The tweets that can be retrieved through the Twitter API only go back one week, and the content of earlier tweets cannot be displayed, but saved diagnosis results will be displayed indefinitely.

You can also edit or delete.

You can change the public/private settings later, or delete saved diagnosis results.

That's all for now. We hope you find it useful.
Thank you for your continued support of ShindanMaker.

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