2020/01/20 20:00

The specifications for displaying individual values in a list have changed.

Specifications relating to creating a diagnosis have changed.
When displaying values set in List 1 in diagnosis results, by default, [LIST1] displays list variables, but there is a function on top of this to display individual values of a list.
It is a function with which, by separating the values set in List 1 with commas (E.g. AAA,BBB,CCC) and, like [LIST1,2], adding comma+value within the list variables, you can display the value in the second position of the values separated by commas (in this example, BBB is displayed).

The values added to line variables, "comma+value" has now been changed to "hyphen+value".
In other words, in order to display the second position value of a list of values separated by commas, you must enter [LIST1-2].
As an underscore is used for branch numbers and a hyphen used to display individual values in a list, if, for example, you wanted to display branch number 2 and the third value in a list, you must enter [LIST1_2-3].
For this reason, among plans to introduce even more functions in the future, it was necessary to use "hyphen+value" for the function to process values of a list separated by commas. It was decided that this function should be integrated with the specifications for list variables remaining the same.
Thus, we request that you use hyphen+value from now on.
As it is necessary for past diagnoses to remain valid, comma+value still works as it originally did.
However, please understand that hyphen+value is now the standard specification.

The content of sample diagnosis has also changed.
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