About ShindanMaker (Q&A)

About ShindanMaker

What is ShindanMaker

It is a website that allows any person to easily create a [comical diagnosis/horoscope] for their own person by simply entering their name. (The original meaning of the word [SHINDAN] as used on this website is that of diagnosis, but it is also used to mean [horoscope]).

How diagnosis results are determined

Shindanmaker works by randomly allocating results in accordance with the [name that was entered]. In other words, it is similar to drawing omikuji (written fortunes). It should be treated as a [caricature diagnosis].

Why are the diagnosis results different depending whether upper case or lower case characters are used?

Diagnosis results are allocated based on the characters used in the name that was entered, and since upper case and lower case letters in the alphabet are recognized as separate letters, the results will also differ.

How many persons have been diagnosed?

The number of [persons which have been diagnosed], which also influences each ranking, is not counted as the number of times a diagnosis is made. Rather, it is counted with several items of information used for such diagnosis. Accordingly, the number of persons which is diagnosed stays the same no matter how many times the same diagnosis is executed. (The number of persons which have been diagnosed is displayed on each page and updated every few minutes. Please note that at times this number does not change immediately.)

If you find a diagnosis violating the Terms of Service

If you find a diagnosis violating the prohibitions of the Terms of Service, please use the report functionality. The bottom of each diagnosis page contains a Report an issue button you can use to submit a report. Diagnoses receiving many reports will be deleted.

Will the name I use when taking a diagnosis be used elsewhere on the site?

This site retains no user names, IP addresses, login information, or other data to determine who accessed or took a diagnosis.
While you can post the results of a diagnosis to Twitter or other social media, justt aking a diagnosis will not cause the results to be logged or published anywhere.

The User Diagnosis section of the site obtains and displays data via the Twitter API and does not internally log or display this information.
While the prior name you entered on the name field for a diagnosis will appear on subsequent visits, this is due to cookies stored locally in your browser; this information is not retained on the site.

Note that when a user logs in or creates a diagnosis, we log the originating IP address. For details, please see our Privacy Policy.

The tweet button no longer appears

If you have a content blocker (an ad blocker) installed, it may have functionality to block social media buttons, which will cause the tweet button to not appear. Please check your content blocker settings and try again.

My mobile device uses filtering service which block certain pages

If your mobile device has a parental lock on it to filter content, you may be unable to see certain diagnosis pages or lists. If a site contains obscene or violent content, it is flagged as for adults only, and will be filtered.
Content intended for minors or not flagged as adult content will continue to be accessible. If you find that content is filtered, please try another page on the site to see if the issue persists.

About creating diagnoses

Notes on creation of diagnoses (Terms of Searvice)

In order to improve visitors' ability to use this site, we employ a Terms of Service. Please see details on this page. Terms of Service

About NG words

Some set violent or vulgar words may be replaced by symbol ●/* in the diagnosis results. Such NG words may be frequently updated however, we would like to refrain from making such contents public.

I have something I do not know about the diagnosis creation methods

If there is something you are unclear on about creating diagnoses, set the diagnosis you are creating as private before saving it, and contact support with the diagnosis URL and your questions.


I changed the diagnosis title, but the contents of the title image shown on Twitter (Twitter Card) have not changed

If you Tweet the diagnosis result given by the website, the image that displays the diagnosis title given by the website is shown as a Twitter Card in the Tweet. However, if this title image is shown by Twitter once, it is saved for a short while, so even if you change the diagnosis title, the contents Twitter Card will not be updated. Because of this, if you have changed the diagnosis title, you can change the image using the Card Validator provided by Twitter. If you go to the Card Validator page and enter in and send the relevant diagnosis URL, the Twitter Card image will be updated.

I want to migrate diagnoses I created to a separate account

It is possible to connect your ShindanMaker user account to multiple Twitter accounts. It is also possible to disconnect one or more of the multiple Twitter accounts that you have connected. After connecting a new Twitter account on the Twitter connections, you can migrate by disconnecting the existing Twitter account.

What will happen to the diagnoses I created if I delete my Twitter account?

Since we updated the specifications on February 2017, the processing of the Twitter account you used to log into the website being deleted will differ with this date as the boundary.
The processing will be different as shown below based on the diagnosis ID. (The numbers displayed at the end of the diagnosis page URL, the 000000 part of https://shindanmaker.com/0000000, corresponds to the diagnosis ID.)

  1. For diagnoses with diagnosis IDs 705568 and below: If the Twitter account used when creating the diagnoses is deleted, the created diagnoses will remain, but the creator information will be hidden.
  2. For diagnoses with diagnosis IDs 705569 and above: If the Twitter account used when creating the diagnoses is deleted, the created diagnoses will be hidden.
If as in case 1 your Twitter account is deleted and your diagnoses remain, if you desire for your diagnoses to be deleted, please contact support with the diagnosis URL.


About Twitter

Things to remember when tweeting diagnosis results on Twitter

Remember to check Twitter Terms of Searvice when tweeting the diagnosis results displayed on this website using Twitter. Please be aware that irrespective of the content of the diagnosis result, all responsibility for any statements on Twitter lies with the user and not with this website.

Will unauthorized tweets be tweeted by using ShindanMaker?

By using this site, no tweets will be unintentionally tweeted on Twitter.
If you notice an unwanted tweet, this may have been caused by linking your app to a web service requesting tweet permissions or linking it to a spam site spoofing itself as this site.

A ShindanMaker hashtag is trending on Twitter that I consider inappropriate, and I would like you to deal with it

We apologize, but what is trending on Twitter is managed and run by Twitter, so we cannot deal with the trending contents.
If you deem a hashtag from our site that is trending on Twitter as inappropriate, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please use the "reporting feature" on the Twitter trends page to report the hashtag to Twitter.



Please see "Advertising" for details.

If you have any other questions,

Please contact @shindanmaker_cs from Twitter. (In Japanese or English, please.)
If you find a bug on our website, please let us know your device name (PC・iPhone・Android, etc.) and browser name (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, the browser built into the Twitter app, etc.) as well.
Please note that it will take us a few days to send a reply. Also, please note that we cannot assist you or reply in connection with the following contents.

  • Individual inquiries about/requests to delete problematic diagnosis (Please use the [Report] function displayed on each diagnosis page)
  • Ads, partnering (Currently, we cannot accommodate these requests)
  • NG words
  • Questions about contents which are already discussed on this page.


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