HOT diagnoses

1are you compatible with BTS members?

see if you are compatible with BTS members

2Personality Traits

Discover your true personality traits!

3Genshin Impact Family Scenario

Who will be your brother? Your sister? Do you have a boyfriend?Let's find out

4your luck in genshin rolls

what your genshin rolls look like

5Genshin Impact OC Generator

What kind of Genshin Impact OC would you have? This OC could also just be you, but Genshin Impact-ified! Edit: Natlan information updated & changed "Frost" to Ice.

6how much each genshin boy likes you

how much each genshin boy likes you

7Your relationship in Genshin

How will you be in Genshin?

8Life in Genshin Impact

What would your life be like in Genshin Impact?

9Simp Test Official

Yall are simps I already know

10your genshin girlfriend

your genshin girlfriend

11your genshin boyfriend

your genshin boyfriend

12What are your stats as a waifu?

How good of a waifu are you? Take this shindan to find out!

13What Percentage Do ENHYPEN Members Crush On You?

Enter your name and I'll tell you which ENHYPEN members would likely have a crush on you!

14Vibe Check

Come get y'all vibes checked

15My RPG Stats

Display your stat on the RPG

16Harem Role

Your role in the harem is....

17What’s your true position?

The highest result is your true (bedroom) position

18Genshin Impact OC Creator

Randomised character creation, mainly for drawing purposes.Results change every day.

19Your Genshin Impact soulmate

Found out whose your soulmate in the Genshin Impact universe.

20Random OC Generator!

An OC generator I made because I was struggling to think of OC ideas. I tried to put as much detail into it as possible, and will probably add more things to it eventually!

21Your Genshin Impact love life LMFAO

Ok so basically it is who hates you, loves you, wants to make you rat food, wants to hug you etc

22Your Genshin Impact Vision

What vision of the seven elements has an archon bestowed upon you in the world of Teyvat?

23Compatibility with BLACKPINK

Discover your compatibility with BLACKPINK members

25whos ur genshin kin?

for all u kinnies out there

26How much of each dere are you?

Yan? Tsun? Kuu? See which way you lean most when loving your symbol of affection.

27U in Genshin Impact world

Because I wanted to do one as well

28Straight Test

Input a name to determine how straight you actually are.

29Genshin life

What's your life in genshin impact? You can find out here kdmksfs.

30your life in genshin impact

hehe genshin go brrr
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