Thank you for your interest in listing advertisements on this site.
We do not currently sell ad space on this site directly, but you can use Google Ads to perform manual placement against ad space on our site.

Listing an advertisement

You must first create an account on Google Ads and prepare the advertisement and/or campaign.
The links below will take you to corresponding help pages on Google Ads.

Once your Google Ads settings are complete, you can use manual placement and search by ShindanMaker or to find placement space that you can add to your campaign.
This completes the listing process. For details, please see the relevant help page.

Please note

If this is your first time using Google Ads, advertisements posted on the service appear across all of Google's services and will not only appear on this site.
Using manual placement allows you to configure a specific site on which to list an ad, but it is not a guarantee that it will appear.
The nature of the ad, the price setting, and other factors may cause it to not appear. Please see the relevant help page for details.

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