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Detailed Genshin Impact Character Generator

Inspired by @Ren_ciea's Genshin Impact OC Generator. Includes hair colours, eye colours, Visions, rarity, characters that share a banner and more! Affiliations and mentioned characters are strictly ones that have been shown in-game, not including the beta.

Persona 5 Phantom Thief Character Generator

Your very own Phantom Thief! This generates a Phantom Thief from their codename to hair color. I really didn't think this was gonna be this popular...

Who are you as a waifu?

Hair color, height, cup size, all that. Use google if you don't understand any terms and stuff.

Who are you as a husbando?

Hair color, height, dick size, all that. A less detailed version of the waifu counterpart (for now, anyway).

Hair And Eyes Generator

Find Out What Your Character's Hair And Eye Color Is.

Hair color picker

What hair color fits u?

Character Info

Name: Owari MounoshikiEye color: BlackHair color: BlackHairstyle: Like Kirito'sReputation: HighPersonality: NiceCrush: NoneClub: Light MusicStrength: Very StrongOwari's 'Dere' type is Yangire, and he loves watching anime and reading manga

Pony OC Generator V.6

What colour is your fur? Hair? What is your special talent? All answers in this installment of Pony OC Generator

Royale High Random Avatar Generator!

Use your diagnosis to dress up your Royale High avatar!Note: You can pick any hairstyle and any color/pattern for the skirt and heels.

Complete Personas Generator

This Shindan tells you what kind of Personas are you in Persona Series. it includes 1.Arcana 2.Skill Inheritance Types 3.Level 4.stats 5.Elementals Effective 6.Skills 7.Electric Chair Execution Item 8.Fusion Recipes

Actual Genderswap Generator (Female)

You use your current hair and eye color

Big Fat Monster Girl Generator

A generator to make a big fat female oc! Includes body size, hair, eyes, and a hobby.

Anime Character Creator (Adv. info)

This is the advanced version of my anime character generator. This will give you the advanced info for your character that you created. You do not need to use your real name. You can use my basic version for stuff like age, hair colour, height, etc.

Character Creator [Basic Appearance]

includes hair style, eye style, hair & eye color, moles/freckles, and fashion style

Anime Generator

what would urs & ur love's genres, hair color, character type, and voice actress be?

What Kind of Otome Bachelor Are You?

Based off of Otomege Ikemen ShindanMaker. Determines your: Character, Personality, Age, Career/Dream, Hobbies/Likes, Eye/Hair Color. Appearance, Fashion, Backstory, and Good/Bad Endings!(Now with Daily Variation!)

Homestuck Troll

Name, Blood, Horns, and Hair.

OC Creator

An OC Creator mostly used just to make filler charries. Yup. -nods smartly- Gender, Age, Hair, Eyes, Weapon(s), Personality, Fav. Color

Who's your daddy?

A Daddy building factory for you to make Dad OCs to be your Husbando or an actual dad/Dad Figure! WARNING!! There is SOME NSFW results!Side notes, You may get hybrids of the same species. No extra body hair on mammals don't mean they shaved their fur :P

Hair Potion Results

You've taken a miracle hair growth product, and here's how it ends up.

Whats Your Anime Hair Color?

If you were an anime character, what color would your hair be?

If you were an anime boy... MORE RESULTS!

updated frequently. good OC creator too. the word before 'hair' is a color btw...
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