[IdentityV] diagnoses on that theme

Your Government Assigned Identity V Kin

kinnies come get yalls juice

Identity V game

You play an Identity V game and this happens.

Identity V soulmate (Hunter edition)

Which Hunter or Huntress is your S/O!! (robbie and galatea excluded)

Identity V soulmate (survivor edition)

which of these buttoned-eyed survivors are your S/O!!

idv secret love life

your secret love life in idv

idv life

how is ur idv life going

idv murder

who killed you and why or should i ask how?

idv hater

who hates you the most and why

idv sugar daddy

who is ur sugar daddy in idv?

Your Eventual Death from the Identity V Hunters

Who, in a match with who (your best friend), and probability of revival (at least in my story). No Rocket Chairs available. Excluded Hell Ember, Smiley Face, Lawyer and Thief. Inspired by my story.(TW: Death. Consider before diagnosing.)

idv best friend (surv)

who is ur best friend in idv (surv version)

idv best friend (hunter)

who is ur best friend in idv (hunter vers)

idv sugar mommy

who is your idv sugar mommy?

(Un) fortunate Interview

Based on how many times you’ve been cocooned to death as each survivor in the Identity V game. (Removed Murro because I don’t like him that much, sorry Wildling mains)
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