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Life in My Hero Academia

If you wish to see, how would a certain person's life be, if they were in My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia universe, then you shall use this generator! This includes relationships, quirk, battle techniques and some random facts!

Yandere Simulator Student Maker

Note - For best results, enter your FULL name for diagnosis (you don't have to worry about middle names ^_^)Become a student at Akademi High School with the Yandere Simulator Student Maker! Discover your complete student profile with this generator!

What’s your energy?

What energy do you radiate?(Some are NSFW)

Senpai Says

If senpai DID notice you...

school life with nct


Which anime character makes you horny

This diagnosis will tell you what anime character you simp for

What VN Route Are You?

Find out your own Visual Novel character route!

When will you get your First Kiss???


what is your nct college life?

who's watching you cry into your organic chem textbook from across the library at 3am?

Yuri Character

What type of person would you play in yuri anime?

Enstars Idol Crush

Who likes you and who do you like

School life with NCT~

Imagine going to school with the NCT boys!

Schoolgirl You!

Ever wanted to be a kawaii schoolgirl? Well, now you can!

School life with Stray Kids

Go to school with Stray Kids!

Your Boku no Hero Academia Life

What would your life be like in Boku no Hero Academia?

BTS Kids and Husband

Let see who is your husband and kid!

School Idol Maker

What kind of School Idol are you? (Love Live!)

High school with EXO

♡ HS W/ EXO ♡

Character Info

Name: Owari MounoshikiEye color: BlackHair color: BlackHairstyle: Like Kirito'sReputation: HighPersonality: NiceCrush: NoneClub: Light MusicStrength: Very StrongOwari's 'Dere' type is Yangire, and he loves watching anime and reading manga

You're known as:

What people call you behind your back

Who is your crush in My Hero Academia?

Who is your crush in My Hero Academia?

self-insert fanfic generator

Write down the name of the romantic interest, not your own.

Which U.A. girl would you date?

BnHA is bound to have at least some romance involved later on. But if you were in the universe, which girl from U.A. would you be dating? Find out here!

Your character in Beastars!

See how you'll do in beastars!


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