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Ensemble Stars - Your Harem!

See who's in your Enstars harem!

Kuroko no Harem

Who's in your harem ?

Your KPop Reverse Harem

Who awaits you?

Tokyo Ghoul Reverse Harem

who doesn't need a bunch of dudes drooling over them

Your Fire Emblem Reverse Harem

Who's in your Harem? A word of warning: It's highly likely you'll get someone you don't want (since this includes minor bosses). Naga will be in this and the female one whenever it gets made. Limstella won't be in this (is only referred in-game as female).


What types of characters are in your personal harem?

Random Harem

Enter your name and get harem with 10 random characters! Note: this is nor female nor male harem, this is both and also there are few androgynes, sexlesses, intersexes and altersexes.
Random Harem

Your Venomanian Harem

You are the Duke/Duchess of Venomania. You've sold your soul to Satan and now members of both genders make up your harem.

Monmusu Quest Harem

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