[oc] diagnoses on that theme

Anime Character Generator

OC Generator mainly for drawing purposes ^^

Random OC Generator!

An OC generator I made because I was struggling to think of OC ideas. I tried to put as much detail into it as possible, and will probably add more things to it eventually!

Naruto OC Maker

2016 Naruto OC Maker

Likes & Dislikes

If you have trouble coming up with likes and dislikes for your OCs, here ya go. I'm always stumped on those. I'm open to adding to the list too!

OC Generator: What will yours look like?

See what your OC would look like

Cookie Run OC Maker 2

more in-depth OC maker for Cookie Run! with more flavors, personality traits, etc.

RWBY Semblance Generator

This is a brainstorming generator for all the RWBY OCs out there. I've added some and corrected the spelling! Love!~

Hazbin Hotel OC Generator

Make your own resident of hell from VivziePop's series, Hazbin Hotel!

your jujutsu kaisen oc

honestly dont know how cursed energy works even though ive watched the anime and read the manga sweating emoji.also second/third portion are optional lol

Simple Fursona creation

Just a few words for character inspiration300+ animals

Your Personal Weapon

Generates a random weapon with its own stats, element, name and more.

Anime OC Description

See your anime!

what kind of magical witch are you?

which witch is which?

FNAF OC Creator

Five Nights At Freddy's Original Character Creator :)

Fursona OC Generator

What will your animal OC look like?

Your new OC

This will generate a new OC for you!

Create a Dangan Ronpa OC! (Female)

A simple guide to createing a random dangan ronpa OC! (Female)

Your Daily Monster Girl

(Version 1.63) Updated syntax, renamed. || Height is measured at a "standing" position, so Lamias, etc. are longer than their height stat suggests. || Please send any comments/suggestions/bugs to my Twitter.Previously titled "You as a monster girl!"

Onepunch-Man Hero Generator

congratulation on becomin a superhero1/9/16 EDIT: added more things

JJBA OC Generator

Get your Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character! (with stand)

Your fantasy RPG OC

Find out what your fantasy OC is like! :DFull RPG mode ON!Various results that change daily~!

FNAF Animatronic OC Generator

Enter your name, and this generator will create a FNAF OC from it!

Monster OC Generator

Made to help me make background characters for my webcomic, Devil's Candy( http://devilscandycomic.com/ )But you can use it to create monster OCs if you like!

Undertale character maker!

Random Undertale Ocs of any sort here!

Arknights unit generator

Imagine if u could be a furry with the plague

Fire Emblem Unit Generator

Fire Emblem character generator. Results change daily

Sonic OC Generator

Live and learn! What your Sonic OC is. (includes chart :^)

Random OC Generator idk

idk just a random oc

Harry Potter OC generator

Who would you be?
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