[internet] diagnoses on that theme

Barney Error Custom Software

You got a Barney Error.
Barney Error Custom Software

whats ur twitter vibe

what are you like on twitter dot com?
whats ur twitter vibe

keysmash generator

a keyboard smash generator, including examples lovingly culled from real life stan twitter tweets lmao

Which YouTuber is your waifu? (Guy YouTubers)

So much YouTuberz. Mostly for girls unless your gay or bi or whatever.

what is your internet name

for cool cats only

What type of youtuber are you?

So many types of youtubers, so what would you be?

Your internet popularity

How many followers/subs/likes do you have?

What TGWTG Reviewer Are You

What Reviewer From TGWTG Are You

Your Site

What kind of website will you make?

Who are your headmates?

Everyone OBVIOUSLY has fictional characters living inside their head! Find out which ones dwell within your brain.

tumblr contents

diagnoses your blog

Browser in 30 years?

The browser that you will be using in 30 years!

Become an Internet Star!

Find out how to make it big on the internet!

Without Internet

The internet is shut down FOREVER! Find out what you'll do without it...

Your Internet War

You're a new website reaching for the top. Find your ally in this quest, and defeat your foe.
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