[tumblr] diagnoses on that theme

Tumblr Type

What Type of Tumblr User Are You?

what kind of e-boy/e-girl are you

the many qualities of you being an e-boy/e-girl

cursed stats

based on tumblr’s obsession with a few male characters, komaeda, sans, onceler, hamtaro, and sheldon cooper!

Undertale Dating Sim START !!

DATE EVERYONE? [ ♥ Do ] _ [ Do not ]

Lolita Name Generator

Yes, your username is totally original.

Who will you have sex with?

Someone got lucky~ But with who and where?

What's your energy?

do you have big dick energy?

Warrior Cats Callout Generator

Why have you been cancelled?

bad tumblr headcanon generator

you too, can be a woke feminist bae


Will diagnose you as a tumblr gender

Who is your favorite character?

Tired of squealing over a specific character? Find a brand new character for you to cherish.

Your New Cursed Fetish

You've now got a fetish for ____...? Wow, that's kinda f***ed up really.

Tumblr Nerd Life

What is your secret nerd life?

tumblr contents

diagnoses your blog

what was your tumblr phase

which of these dark and Soul Crushing things consumed your life for months and/or years in the deep blue abyss that is tumblr

What's your Tumblr aesthetic

find out your A E S T H E T I C

Tumblr Identities Generator!

Stand out, but also fit right in with this generator! Put your new and unique labels in your Tumblr sidebar and don't forget to uwu

What kind of blog do you run?

If you want to get a tumblr (or you have one), this is what kind of blog you should get (or change into.)

Supernatural Fic Maker

What SPN fic will you be known for?


If you've gotten this result, I'm sorry to say you're constantly on tumblr. You probably call yourself trash, talk in memes, say things like "starts ____" "flails" My apologies, I can do nothing to save you.

You met a dealer

What do?

How Tumblr are you?

Should you be more of a 4chan person?

How much of a shitposter are you

Find out how much of a shitposter. Shitposter = tumblr basically. °-°

Your Terf Username

Notice how all terf accounts sound the same? Now you, too, can reduce your identity down to an obsession with genitals!

Tumblr Post inspired Username

Not all about the Yahoo-owned site is bad![I will add some more later]||I can't guarantee that these usernames aren't taken or make sense||

r u a retard?

r u?

are ur faves gay

how gay are ur favesset name as ur fav (fav character)
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