[Twitter] diagnoses on that theme

how pure are u

made by me

Your followers

Ever wondered why people follow you? Maybe this shindan can give you the reason why!

your life on twitter as a gg stan

who you stan, what kind of stan you are, and more

what stan account are you?

which twitter stan account stereotype do you fall under?

Your Tweetheart stats

What makes you the Tweetheart you are?Random stats that you're better not knowing off what they're based.

The Boyz as your Twitter Mutuals

the boyz as your twitter mutual~

Seventeen as Twitter Mutuals

(i saw this done for loona and nct so here's a svt one)

your gg stan twitter life

who are u on stan twt

Describe your Twitter

Describes your Twitter in one word or phrase.

Magical Girl Fabulous -Hyper-

a strictly superior magical girl diagnostic device

What's your energy?

do you have big dick energy?

txt as your twitter mutuals

your interactions with txt on twitter !

RT Dares!

What will you do if you get (x) RTs?


Find out what your twitter name means! Enter your twitter username here.

kpop ggs as ur twt oomfs

who are ur girl group oomfs and how do they feel abt u

You're thinking of....

READ HERE FIRST!! - Think of the first person/thing/image that came to your mind when your question appears! You know it's the one! Post your answer in Twitter to let your friends know :D! Just for fun!

loona as ur twitter mutuals

literally just a copy of my svt one

Weird Twitter Name

because the other one wasn't really that good

seventeen as ur twitter mutuals

they are all caratbits

Twitter alignment

Discover who's side you are truly on in this fucked up twitter world (enter twitter username)

Draw something! (twitter edi.)

Draw a little something for a fellow twitter user you follow/is following you!

what tik tok stereotype(s) are you most like?

are you a vsco girl or e-girl, or none of the above?

Twitter Matchmaker


What's Your Homeworld Gemsona?


Furry Drama Generator

What's the latest furry drama on Twitter? Let's find out! (Note: these are from observations over my time on Twitter, This is a satirical diagnosis and is in no way an attempt to undermine the real issues in the furry fandom.)

Will Fubu follow you?

Find out if Fubu72 will follow you someday!

whats ur twitter vibe

what are you like on twitter dot com?
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