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Without Internet

The internet is shut down FOREVER! Find out what you'll do without it...

whats your cursed internet fandom?

a little vague sorry

Your job of destiny is here.

As you know, I am a full time internet.

What's your internet name?

Find out here!

How did you get hypnotized (by a bara kemono)?

Those bara kemonos are everywhere, and now they'll stop at nothing to hypnotize unwitting internet users! How did you get zonked by one of them?

Your internet status

What are you to a forum post?

Let Us Play: your claim at internet fame

climb the internet social ladder with lettuce play

Your Ecchi Artist Internet Mascot

You draw porn! You must have a sexy mascot for your fans to swoon over!

Your Internet War

You're a new website reaching for the top. Find your ally in this quest, and defeat your foe.

Jay's Gem, Gem Placement, and Weapon Generator

i made this with my own internet

Your internet life

What happens when you join the internet?

What creature are you?

Become your favourite animal! Or just a random animal out of a list on the internet

Your internet popularity

How many followers/subs/likes do you have?

Become an Internet Star!

Find out how to make it big on the internet!

On a scale of 1 - 100, how hot are you?

Being hot is based on a number you get from a completely random generator on the internet. Don't bother with creams or working out!

what is your internet name

for cool cats only

Dialogue Prompt [RWBY]

From the internet!Might work.

a bizarre adventure indeed

which jojo character are weirdos on the internet pairing you with and what will come of it?

Your Game Theory

Hello internet, Welcome to Game Theory. Today we find out what secrets YOU'VE been hiding.

Awesome Story Title Maker

Based upon something I saw on the internet today, this will generate 6 random story titles with a list of (currently) 134 Words. Enjoy! :D

That Long-Haired Creepy Guy

Internet personality and retrospective reviewer. May also be involved with Elder God horrors.

Random Outfit Picker

Just wanting to practice outfits, so finding images or lists about the internet and choosing at random from this <3 Feel free to use for yourself too. For URL replace (dot) with .

How euphoric are you?

Are you a dank 360 noscoper on the internet? Find out!

Welcome to the Internet!!


TGWTG Murder?

Kill which internet reviewer?

Discourse Title Generator

A handy generator to help choose the next hot internet discourse topic! (Warning: Title may be offensive and/or not grammatically correct)

Today In The Discourse

opening up tumblr has become the equivalent of opening a newspaper and getting punched in the face, so enter your name for a quick heads-up as to what's going to make you wish you'd never discovered the internet today

Canary Crab

Cats, Internet, Video Games, Japan, Anime, Manga, Food, Music, Art

Role Internet

Role yang cocok buat kamu di Internet
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