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What's your useless superpower?

Based on a funny pic.

Danganronpa Murder Generator

Funny danganronpa death generator!

funny B.A.P

random stuff :)

What K-Pop Scandal will you be in?

*MULTIFANDOM*Find out what the headline of your scandal will be! Some funny results

What Does Inarizaki Think Of You?

follow me on insta @yanyan_uwu_uwu pls im funny i think

What iFunny Subculture Do You Belong To?

iFunny is comprised of many different groups. Find out which one you truly belong to!

Your life as a jpop idol

probably not funny.

what's your Gundam Name

you could also just think of it as a "two funny words generator"

your alignment?

there is that funnypicture with the continuum of griffin mcelroy to john mulaney with bdg & shane buzzfeedunsolved. this is the diagnosis of it.

How long is your dong?

long and dong rhymes haha i'm so funny HAHAH WARNING: nonsense shindan

What's your real age?

Is your current age the correct one? (I tried my best to be funny)

Your freaky/weird life in the world of Naruto!

It is a little freaky. But funny! Your life in the world of Naruto! Check my other shindan`s. ;)

A Day With Seventeen

I tried to make it funny so I hope y’all enjoy! (btw I used their real names because why not) (this is my first one so I’m going overboard in the description) (this is a long set of parentheses) (that’s a hard word to spell) ( :) )

How Funny are You?

A Chart that scales your:Humor, Dark Humor, Jokes, Dad Jokes, and Puns.Go nuts.

nct dream and you ♡

because why not, because that’s funny and because we all love these babies :( (including mark in this i’m sorry he’ll stay a dreamie forever :(()

uh oh!? Stinky?

funny poos?

why your ult likes you

simple one, but really soft or funny

what type of gem are you

are you soft, funny, cute, loud, quiet or maybe a clown?

Your Secret Move

What's the name of your secret move? You know, the thing you yell out before devastating your enemies or saving the day? Let's find out together. (Contains some easter eggs) Please link good/funny results or major bugs to the author!

Random Personality Generator

silly character personality generator (i think i'm funny, ymmv)

how funny you are?

percentage of your humor

how funy r u

take the test

DDLC OC maker

This will be your funny old thing I guess. XD

Which Fire Emblem Character can you kill?

I don't have anything against it, it's just funny.


Artistic, weird, funny, dead inside, stupid, mean

what are you classified as?

See the title. It's random and hopefully funny. Sorry for bad english.

Bol's OC Wacky Wheel

spin the wacky wheel and see what funny character it creates!

Your Anthro Lust Island Stats! [OFFICIAL] [NSFW]

Furry anthro funny haha lolls smex xDDDDDDDDD


You rush home overjoyed one day after discovering a Nintamaka virtual pet game: Nintamakagotchi! But after you rip the cartridge out of the cover and slam it into your 3ds, you discover some unusual and random bugs that make the nintamakas act funny...

who should u date

haha funny
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