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A3! Member Generator

Welcome to MANKAI Company!

Your Life with A3! Boys!

Find out which boy plays a role or roles in your life!*Consider this a test for future "life with a3! boys"~ *

A3! Crush

which boy are you crushing on !?!? :0 which boy has a crush on you !?! :0

Which A3! character will give you a headpat?

hehehe come get your headpats

A3!: kiss, marry, kill

who do you kiss, who do you marry, who do you kill !?!? :0

Your A3! OC generator

Have fun!

Someone in A3! wants to confess to you!

Just a bunch of lines from sites I found~ Will it be happy? Will it be angsty? Play to find out!I used this site to get the quotes though: https://www.yourtango.com/2018317218/i-love-you-quotes-soulmate-love-quotes

Your A3! Dream Boy

Your A3! Dream Boy... with a twist? Maybe? Haha ;)

Someone In A3! Needs To Tell You Something...

Maybe sweet? Maybe not? Find out~ (Also testing some things~ and may be updated with more stuff at random times)

Who do you SIMP for in A3?

A true, 100% accurate test to determine who you truly simp for among the a3 cast

The Wedding You Never Expected With A3!

Very Similar to The "Your Life With A3! Boys!"~ Hope you enjoy, its a bit longer so rip your tweets ;-;

Who do you kin in A3?

100% accurate answers here, sorry not sorry~

A3! Play Randomizer

Don't let those platinum tickets go to waste! ([Free] = your choice! // Plays are named after troupes to accommodate future additions)

What If We... (A3!)

The results may surprise you~also a hashtag~ c: so I can like everyone's results~

A3! Fanfic/Play Idea!

A little generator to get the fanfic or play ideas going~*may be updated at any time

A Fairy Tale Romance With A3!

What kind of Fairy Tale will you have~?

A Love Story in A3!

A small little thing~ just have fun :)

Here's a fanfic idea...[A3!]

Need ideas for a fanfic? I got you covered ;) (may be updated who knows~)

among us with the a3 boys !

sakuya pls maul me imposter sakuya pspspsppsspspsppspspsspsspp

Who's your A3! Valentine?

Find out who's your a3 valentine~ and how the day goes for you~ <3

What did you see at Veludo Way? [A3!]

Sooo~ what did you see???(due to formatting some spacing could be bad)(also could be updated with more results at any time!)

A birthday gift for you [A3!]

It's your birthday (maybe) and someone in A3 got you a present! What is it?*May be updated whenever~

Your Gekkagumi OC

Make your own month person with this!

Your relationship lvls with A3! Charas [Chart Ver]

Trying out chart functions~ uhhh enjoy :D

Should you pull in A3's newest Gacha?

If ever you were wondering whether you should pull or not for the gacha... why not ask shindan :)
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