[funny] diagnoses on that theme

How much you fap?

Just for boys, obviously.

How Stupid are you?

are you smart or stupid :D Just for fun ^-^

What percent thicc are you

This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "Thicc Score."

What's your useless superpower?

Based on a funny pic.

Your signature move!

your very own attack

Who would you twerk on?

Who would you twerk on? (Idol edition/result changes daily)

How much of a cat are you

Meow purr

Kris has something to say!

You'd better listen.

Oh my god how could you?!

Well? What horrible thing have you done this time?

What's your problem?

You've got some issues, man...

What kind of Doitsu are you?

Doitsu- a fish or a Japanese word for Germany

Your own very weird encounter with GOT7

By very weird I mean so weird the results will probably make you wonder why I'm not in a psych ward yet 🙃

What should I draw today?

Write your OC or Character name and check how you should draw him ♥Let these sentences inspire you-

What the Naruto girls think of you

Basically the description is the title.

You got the power

Well, you seem to have magical powers!

What pervy anime character are you most like?

:D find out your level of pervyness with anime characters!

Are you dumb?

This will show you if youre dumb or not.

Acid trip

What Your first hallucination will be

Your deepest secret

What is your deepest secret?

New Year's Eve with NCT

things get crazy when you're all drunk.

Something weird happened...


Brother-Sister Bonding

How do you spend time together?

What's your real age?

Is your current age the correct one? (I tried my best to be funny)

What's your animal mixture?

Animal mixes!


How fab is you?

Your secret idenity/habit

I know it (Warning : Some mature content included)
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