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Infinite on ur bday

What will they do on your birthday

Kpop Birthday Shopping

You are getting your kpop idols something for their birthday

FMK (INTENSE) with Seventeen

note tht Chan will not b available for the F*** option until he is well past his 18th birthday!!! anyway enjoy this lmao

Furry creator

Create a furry character just by entering a name. Includes birthday, species, positive qualities, negative qualities, and gender.

Birthday with Wanna One

How will you celebrate your Birthday with Wanna One members?? Check this out.... Just for fun okay ^.^

Derpibooru Shindan No.1

Like a Birthday game, only better!

Your Birthday Party Generator

How will your birthday party go next year?

Tokyo Ghoul OC

Name: Damion KuroRomaji: Kuro DamionAlias: Species: GhoulStatus: AliveAge: Early 20'sGender: MaleBirthday: Feburary 6thHeight: 177' cmWeight: 59 kgBlood type: OAffiliations: Anteiku Relatives: Jake ( Best friend/imaginary

Danganronpa OC (DROC) Generator

Generate your own Danganronpa OC with an unique name, talent, birthday, likes and dislikes, as seen on the Student Report Cards in the Danganronpa games! Find all the materials you need to start building the perfect OC!

Mubichi Reo Smut

Happy birthday Eru-sensei this is a Mibuchi Reo Shindan for you, hope you enjoy....

Birthday with EXO

How will you celebrate your Birthday with EXO members?? Check this out.... Just for fun okay ^.^

Random BL Generator

Generates a random MC, their love interest and a random scenario.Inspired by a birthday scenario game.

Birthday with WINNER

WINNER BIRTDHAY!!!!!!!!! for abirl

Birthday gift generator

Find out what do the ichu's give you for your birthday (mostly random objects chosen on the moment)

Who is your valentine this year? (^3^)

From the gender, age, birthday, favorites and dislike!!!!

homestuck fankid generator

gives a name (4-letter first), dream kingdom, age, and birthday

Relationships based on birthdays

http://shindanmaker.com/573158 but in English and simplified due to lack of space.

Your birthday with anime characters

My birthday is next week :)

Gift for your birthday

EXO's member give you what

Present from BTS

which BTS member gonna give you a birthday present

Your birthday party with DDLC girls

My birthday is soon~~

NMB Birthday Letter

Find out which NMB member writes you a letter on your birthday stage.

A birthday gift for you [A3!]

It's your birthday (maybe) and someone in A3 got you a present! What is it?*May be updated whenever~

what will you get for your birthday


Birthday generator


How to ruin Frederick's birthday

All the Ylissean Knight had been hoping for, was a nice and calm day, but people want to celebrate his birthday with him?! What will you do?

Princess's compatibility with Stray Kids

Princess Name Felix15 Age 205'1 Height 5'7Scorpio Sign PiscesPhilippines From South Korea11/20/2005 Birthday. 03/15/2000

It's aruji's birthday! :D

let's see how the boys celebrate aruji's day

[DSNWproject] Happy✽Chocolate! 2018 Large Shipyard

Large construction, you can get 3-5☆ cards.Picked up list5☆ [Birthday Chocolate] Bismarck 4☆ [Can you just accept this?]Hood 3☆ [Ah! No way!] Prinz Eugen3☆ [Teddybear] Duke of York3☆ [Casual sweater] King George V
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