[Justforfun] diagnoses on that theme

Weapon Generator

Generates various weapon for yourself *evilsmile

Your Birthday Party Generator

How will your birthday party go next year?


Game iseng-iseng aja. Jangan dibawa serius. Masukin nama/nickname/username lo.


Cuma iseng - iseng. Jangan dibawa serius

Object Ship Generator!

Discover with which object you would be shipped! Adding new objects every now and then.

What are you doing with your life

Just a joke still working on this

Meet your FBI agent

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin.(not all results are positive. please don't attack me if you don't like your answer. this is between you and your FBI agent)

it's aruji's birthday...

everyone is doing their best to celebrate
it's aruji's birthday...

Shizuka Girls Kiss! Marry! Kill!

It's me and my friends ocs and stuff. Ignore this
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