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Magical Girl Creator (156)
Make a magical girl based on your name.
Will that girl/ like you? (87)
idk test it, type a number 1-5 instead of your name
Egirl (108)
Wears all black and has metal accessories
Monster Girl Waifu (137)
What is your monster girl waifu? Find out with this super scientific test! Just enter your name and ...
Megamikuro (14)
Girl, With bangs, straight hair, petite
which kpop girl group are you? (44)
i really threw in every gg i could think of but there's definitely some missing lmao.
are you gay??! (89)
are you??????????
what kind of girl/boy are u? (148)
hello this is my first one so sorry if its bad -w-
Gigibee_uwu (51)
Meme girl, artist, games
Koreanism (115)
When you have an obsession with anyone korean related. Korean boys, their dic-, girls, music, etc.
The Beanie Girl (11)
Becca Fabris (2)
The most beautiful girl in the world
Alpaca farmer (24)
Girl who loves alpacas and Poppy
What Girl Are You In Your Friend Group? (3,037)
Find out what type of girl you are in your friend group!
enstars s/o (29)
is arashi ur girl? are u rei's big tiddy goth gf? take this to find out.
GlowGirl (7)
0 by @X_Z3N0
what kind of egirl are you (23,077)
do be an egrill
Who is best quint? (13)
Who is best girl?
brown seth rogen (11)
i’m seth rogen, but tiny and brown... and a girl
hanu (2)
Human girl
0 by @keekihanu
brooke’s diagnosis (6)
this girls weird diagnosis
E girl level (2,005)
What’s ur e girl level
Babygirl (17)
0 by @v2Sessy
Sad girl (186)
Being sad
NeoPhoenix (0)
Your Anime Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Lover (164)
your assigned anime date for the night <3
dalshabet as girlfriends (21)
who is who in your life? (dalshabet version)
dreamcatcher as girlfriends (65)
who's your dreamcatcher girlfriend?
The relationships of your OCs (154)
Parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, bestfriend, friends, brother/Sister, aunt and uncles, enemy.
E-Girl/ E-Boy Popularity (678)
You've decided to become an E-Girl/E-Boy, are you popular?
What are your Magical Girl stats? (202)
Inspired by Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
How would your Kpop boy/girl/co-ed group... (156)
The title says it all.
OCOC (55)
Name: [random girls name Generater]
Name generator Girls (73)
Random names for characters
Nezuko (44)
Nezuko girlfriend
0 by @yuixings
Keverlyn grace (11)
Keverlyn Grace: SPECIES :vampire AGE : teenager GENDER : Female SKIN TONE : light peach BODY SIZE/SH...
yuhhhhhhehidjxux (2)
Create a magical girl (84)
A generator for girls of the magical variety.
Kelly Smith (0)
You home alone (39)
"me home alone: undulates in front of the bathroom mirror, sensually whispers "H.R. Giger&...
What will your future partner look like? (175)
What you‘re husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend will look
Random_Girl (38)
My OC Creator! (Girl Edition) (149)
Remember! These are not set in stone and you can change whatever you're not happy with!!
Thecakegirls8 (4)
Your First Date with the three houses gi... (3,494)
by deepsealily Boy version here: https://en.shindanmaker.com/926354
Relationship with gg&039;s (37)
Your First Date with the three houses me... (11,676)
by deepsealily girl version here: https://en.shindanmaker.com/926497
Magical Girl Community College (602)
Your stats as a student at Magical Girl Community College. Different stats every day!
what type of tik-tokker are you? (794)
what tik tok stereotype are you?
Who is your clown girls soulmate? (84)
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Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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