[Hetalia] diagnoses on that theme

Who is your Hetalia boyfriend?

You want to know..

Your Hetalia date

Find out wich is your perfect date from the Hetalia characters


Which Hetalia character will be****you tonight? ;D

Cosplay Hetalia character

wich Hetalia character and how would you cosplay best?


Find out wich is your OTP of this anime show

Your Hetalia Threesome

Click it and find out. lD

Hetalia Family (~-~)/

Family! Family!!!!

Hetalia Game~!

for fun!

Hetalia Role

What would you be in the Hetalia Universe?

Hot Night With Hetalia

Title says it all.

Date with Arthur Kirkland.

Where does it go?

Hetalia OTP? (fake ver)

This will tell you accurectly wich is your Hetalia OTP and no there's no bias!!



Doing hetalia

What can YOU do to the hetalia characters?


If you enter a certain deserted, Japanese-style mansion...

Hetalia Date <3

Which Country will you go out with?

Who's your Hetalia boyfriend?

Your Hetalia boyfriend, and how long it lasts

Who's your Hetalia Husbando?

Whoop. There's more guys then girls.

Who is your Hetalia GF?

For those who love the ladies.

Your Hetalia Life

Your life in the world of Hetalia!

♥ Your Hetalia Boyfriend ♥

♥ I know you want to try this~ ♥

Cute Hetalia Date <3

Aw, you two should go on a date...

What kind of Doitsu are you?

Doitsu- a fish or a Japanese word for Germany

Date with Ivan Braginski

How does it go?

Whos YOUR Heta Boyfriend?

Wow wow find ur nation man!

Hetalia Boyfriend~

Hetalia Boyfriend >w<
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