[LoveLive] diagnoses on that theme

Who is your Love live waifu

this is serious business

Which Love Live! idol are you?

Find out which μ's member you are!

Your Idol Statistics

What are your Love Live vital statistics?

Love Live! idol oc generator

Find out how you'd look like in love live!

Love Live - Love Confession

Will your Love Live idol accept your confession of love?!

School Idol Maker

What kind of School Idol are you? (Love Live!)

Date A (Love) Live

What will your dream evening with your school idol waifu be like? (µ's/Aqours/A-RISE/Saint Snow/PDP)

Love Live - Feeding Time

You're going to be fed by a Love Live character! Open up wide!

Love Live - Marriage Day!

You're going to marry a Love Live character! Congrats!

Love Live - Fateful Meeting

You bump into one of the Love Live girls...what will happen next?!

what does μ's think of you...se

theres already one i think but im makin one with more results AND daily changes

Your Love Live Date

Which girl you get a date with and what song they sing for you :^)

Who is your best girl in LOVE LIVE?

Did you choose your best girl or did your best girl choose you?

Love Live - Hate Confession

You've said I hate you to a Love Live character! What's gonna happen?!

Your Love Live! OTP

what is your love live OTP :^)

Love Live - Handshake Event!

The girls are holding a handshake event to get closer to their fans! Get your handshake here!

My Idol Debut

Form a unit, hit the stage, and meet your idol destiny! Ready? Music Start! (iM@S/Love Live/other stuff)

EN LLSIF Honor Scouting

You decide to yolo-roll the Honor Scouting box. What will you get this time?

Your Love Live Song!

What song by u's/Printemps/BiBi/lily white/A-RISE describes you the best?

Love Live! Character Creator

Find out your attribute, year, singing voice, and music style if you were an idol in the Love Live! verse.

Love Live! FMK

which girl will you fuçk, marry, or kill?

Love Live Snuggle

Which member of μ's will you be with?

Love Live Scenario Maker

You meet a Love Live girl... but what happens?

Idolsona Creator

What would your idolsona's profile look like?

what would you get if you were to 10+1 scout now?

what will you get?? the beautiful URs or all rares?
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