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what kind of egirl are you (38,502)
do be an egrill
What are your Kinks? [NSFW] (18,128)
Kinks Galore!~ [Enjoy a kink generator without the more sensitive kinks like Age-play, non-con, etc....
☠what kind of ghost are you?☠ (51,598)
What porn/hentai category are you? (530)
This test will tell you what kind of porn/hentai category you fall into.
3 Emoji Designs (7,232)
Flex your creativity by making a design based off three randomly generated emoji.
what kind of magical witch are you? (97,962)
which witch is which?
What magic do you use? (68,873)
What kind of magic would you use if you were in an RPG?
Demon Slayer OC Creator (76,290)
What kind of swordsmen will you be if you were in demon slayer? Give this a go and find out!
What is your keyblade? (27,804)
Create your own Kingdom Hearts Keyblade! Will you take it up for defending Light... or Darkness?
what kind of aesthetic are you? (11,529)
there are so many kind of aesthetics, what’s yours?
What kind of boobs do you have? (9,202)
What kind of boobs do you have?
Dragon Oc Creator (491)
What kind of dragon will you be?
What&039;s your government assigned kin? (142,596)
get your kins here
How you'll look in an anime (376,029)
I really like this kind of stuff ._. Have Fun (^-^)
What’s your compatibility with BTS? (241,755)
This blew up on TWT lmfao wyd guys 👁👄👁 but fr thank u for checking this out & check out my other...
Your role in anime (221,065)
Decides which role you will take in what kind of anime
What kind of Demon are you? (197,646)
Maybe you're not human after all... (Now with even more results! 2019 Update!)
What kind of manga are you in? (181,812)
Find out what your manga life is.
Your Character Stats (165,524)
What kind of character are you and what are your stats?
Attack On Titan OC Generator (136,013)
What kind of solider would you be?
What you're lacking (122,381)
Tips to make yourself a better person.
You're a phobia. (94,324)
Now find out what kind of nightmare you are.
Complete Fate Servant Generator (74,548)
This Shindan tells you what kind of servant are you in Fate series. It includes: 1. Class 2. Alignm...
Your creepy fetish (18+) (66,301)
What's your super-freaky kink?
When Will You Lose Your Virginity? (10/1... (64,713)
I got bored. This is purely for fun (not that kind of fun).
9 by @cycycyan
Trap Test (64,387)
What kind of trap do you secretly desire to be?
If you're a Pokémon...? (63,187)
Determine what kind of Pokémon you would be!
10 by @Deltheor
Pokemon me (54,227)
What kind of pokemon are you?
What kind of poople are you (51,146)
This will be the most accurate thing ever
What If We Kissed (46,562)
I used a lot of references and memes (credit to @poisonivykin on twitter for the Home Depot joke)
BL Yaoi-type lover (45,748)
What kind of a lover in the BL Yaoi world are you? Let me draw your results!
Thicc Furry Transformation Simulator (43,313)
Something has made you turn into a furry! See what kind you are.
Your FG archetype (42,908)
What kind of fighting game characters are you destined for?
Your Anime Character: Role, Genre, Stats (42,434)
Who are you, and in what kind of series? Five parameters. Not serious, updates every now and then.
Your sleep-talking (42,116)
What did you say when you were sleep-talking?
What turns you on? (35,771)
Ever wonder what kind of secret kinks you have?
Your Eroge Route (35,008)
What kind of heroine are u? _(:з」∠)_
what kind of egirl are you? (33,656)
egirls <3 **
what kind of e-boy/e-girl are you (30,739)
the many qualities of you being an e-boy/e-girl
You but as a D&D character (30,687)
What kind of Dungeons and Dragons character are you?
Fire Emblem Heroes Generator (30,636)
(includes chart!) You've been summoned into Fire Emblem Heroes! What kind of character are you?
What kind of Fighting Gamer are you? (29,916)
Find out how you play fighting games!
Furry Roomie! (29,810)
You've just arrived at your dorm room & the other bed is still empty. You begin unpacking, ...
fate grand order family (26,942)
What kind of Servant and human family do you have? update 3/10/2019
What is your anime fate? (26,841)
What kind of stereotypical anime affliction will be the end of you?
Baby Stats! (24,978)
What kind of baby are you? Meant for ABDL and Babyfurs
What is your Pokémon type? (24,636)
Find out what kind of Pokémon type combination you are!
What kind of stalker are you? (23,823)
You creep.
Character (22,646)
What kind of manga/anime character are you?
How soft, what kind of soft? (22,518)
How soft are you, and how?
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