[KamenRider] diagnoses on that theme

Which Kamen Rider are you?

What form will you transform into as a Rider?

Kamen Rider Motif Generator

A kamen rider motif generator

Your death in Kamen Rider

How will it end for you if you were a villain in tokusatsu?

New Rider

You as a Kamen Rider!

Which Gamer Rider are you?

just a random kamen rider ex-aid shindan watch it pleaseこれは仮面ライダーエグゼイドの診断だ。


Your in and out of suit appearance, gimmick, and fighting style!


You gain the ability to be a hero called Kamen Rider! And you also get to meet a fellow Kamen Rider. The question is, what will you use to transform and who will you meet?

What are you as a Kamen Rider

See what you would be as a Kamen Rider!

What if You were a Gamer Rider?

Which Gashat will you use, and what is your weapon?

Kamen Rider Creator

Become the mighty defender of your city or town against the forces of evil by transforming into a Kamen Rider!
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