[Creature] diagnoses on that theme

Abomination Generator

See what disgusting, misshapen creature you or your character will deform into!


You've drank a poisonous potion and turned into a hideous creature.

What kind of anime creature are you?

Find out what kind of anime creature you are.

What are you..?

An eldritch abomination? A werewolf? A worm? Just a little creacher? Who knows.

Monster Design

Just a personal randomizer to help create monster looking creatures. feel free to use! *WILL BE UPDATED*


You are transported to the land of Azuris, a strange place with unique mythical creatures and breathtaking landscapes. You are no longer human. Who are you now?***NOTE: some hobbies might double up with occupations.


You've freed a Kikiti! I wonder what it's like?


You've freed a Bambella! I wonder what it's like?
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