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Defeated by a Horny Monster (70,133)
You're beaten in combat by a powerful monster and it has its way with you. The question is, whi...
You're a phobia. (94,791)
Now find out what kind of nightmare you are.
What Is Your Kpop Stage Name? (65,527)
A brand new idol group is about to debut, featuring you! What is your awesome stage name??
Your Brand New Fursona Generator! (18,566)
Not feeling yourself? Furry fandom got you down? Perhaps you need a hard reset on your fursona! A si...
SUPER Weight Gain Prompts (16,304)
An updated version of the original Weight Gain Drabble Generator, with even more fat! (Also feat. in...
Touken Ranbu:How do you look like as Swo... (9,045)
You are a sacred weapon created by Saniwa sama to defeat all evil force and bring back peace. From T...
Touken Ranbu:How do you look like as San... (8,969)
You are the Saniwa, the one who came back through time to defeat the evil force with the power that ...
Your Most Beautiful Feature (8,379)
What part of you is the most attractive?
Character Creator [Personality] (6,342)
gives 1 positive, 1 neutral and 1 negative trait, 2 hobbies/interests, a favorite + least favorite f...
12 traits
Gluttons&039; Mutual Gain (6,067)
Multiple characters will suffer (or, rather, enjoy) the consequences of letting themselves go. Who w...
best features (4,349)
your 3 best features
Your Fire Emblem:Awakening Wife (4,034)
Find out who your FEA wife is
What's your greatest fear? (3,640)
Everyone has their own fear.....
Your Internet War (3,222)
You're a new website reaching for the top. Find your ally in this quest, and defeat your foe.
What is your Touhou theme? (2,688)
find out what stage and boss theme you'd have if you were in a Touhou game (already existing th...
ur likelihood of beating loona members i... (2,639)
discover who to Fight.....and who to Fear......
You're best features (2,502)
What people like/love about you
Your Fire Emblem:Awakening Husband (2,466)
Find out who your FEA husband is
Your Worst Nightmare (2,222)
Discover the truth and embrace your fears. Changes daily.
Which &039;Yuri!!! On Ice&039; character... (2,040)
The title says all. Features most characters from Y!!!OI
Your JJBA Stand (1,903)
Type your name and this diagnosis will give you one of the many Stands featured in JJBA. All unname...
What Fairy Tail Guild are you really in? (1,450)
Features all the Guilds. Even ones that don't exist anymore.
Bloodborne Character, Oath and Death Ran... (1,207)
Randomizes a character from the pool of available equipment. Oaths are from the covenant runes. Deat...
Who is your Danganronpa Husband (1,031)
Find out who your Danganronpa husband is! featuring characters from all of the games and Danganronpa...
☆ Maisie&039;s Pokèmon Trainer Creator (... (957)
So this is my WIP Pokèmon Trainer Creator! This is for female trainers only at the moment, but I wil...
What monster girl will violate you today... (889)
& Knuckles Super Turbo Championship Special Edition -- featuring Ilias from the MGQ Series. Use...
Boss Fight (874)
What Boss are you fighting; why? What are your stats? And how do you defeat the boss? Find out NOW!!...
Your Madoka Magica Life (And Death?) (842)
Want to find out what you would do as a Pulla Magai?
which hypmic character will kill you in ... (835)
type your name to find out which Hypnosis Mic character you will be defeated by in a Holy Grail War!
1 by @majikyara
Who Defeated You In The Tournament of Po... (817)
Battle after battle carried on but you were finally defeated in the Tournament of Power was it embar...
What Fire Emblem archetype are you? (776)
Includes classic and new archetypes.
What do the FE:A 2nd Gen characters thin... (642)
What do Lucina and the others think of you?
Bed, Wed, Behead: Ylissean Edition (614)
You know I had to do it. Includes all first-generation characters, plus the SpotPass Six.
The fateful RPG encounter (613)
What enemy do you have to defeat in this wonderful RPG?
2 by @qmimmie
Drakengard/NieR Waifu (609)
An alternate ending featuring you and the waifus!
does you have is gay (601)
are you gay and if so what kind of gay, featuring bottom/top placement.
If you were an Animal Crossing villager. (559)
If you were a villager in Animal Crossing, what features would you have?
Danganronpa Talent Swap AU (549)
This one features 16 people! All the characters from the main 3 games are included
Phobia Generator (512)
A phobia generator! Use this for whatever you want!
Create a Supervillian! (457)
What powers will you have? What are you called? Why do people fear you? Find out! If you decide to d...
Which Common Fanfiction Tag Are You? (430)
There are many tropes and genres in our favorite and most feared fanfictions. Which one will you be ...
Who’s Your Nyo/Hetalia Soulmate? (415)
Features roughly all countries; 2P ver, Nyo ver, 2P Nyo, and normal.
How will you be defeated? (400)
After an epic battle, you finally fall...but to what?
0 by @Darkxaur
What Pokemon Badge do you possess? (393)
So you're a new gym leader...Find out who you replaced. By learning what badge you possess. *F...
Dwarf Name (381)
Become a fearsome dwarf warrior
Assign My D&D Character! (367)
Designates you a fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons race and class. No guarantees as to feasibili...
What your FEA wife thinks of you (341)
Let's see what your FEA wife thinks of you
What does your FEA husband do to you? (318)
See what you have to do with your FEA husband does to you
What&039;s going to happen to you today (309)
Just see into the near future. Fear no more the uncertainty, for I am a psychic and can tell you wha...
YourFailedGeneticallyEngineeredKimeraWai... (306)
You've successfully broken into Area 51, and come across quite the unique girl. This is Part 1 ...
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