[dragons] diagnoses on that theme

How much Dragoness Booty will you get?

Dragoness Booty is best Booty, and everybody wants some...but some people will just get more than others. It's a known fact.

Can this guess your D and D Alignment?

What alignment would you hold in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons?

You as a Flight Rising dragon

You as an FR dragon. Mispelling of "pearlcatcher" was to fit character constraints (the same reason a few colors are missing.)(Use FR's Scrying Workshop to figure out what these look like)

Which Dragcave Species Are You

All dragons used in this belong to their makers and the website. this is for merely fan purposes and love for the site. ^-^ Will update with all new species that get released.

Dragon hoards

What kind of dragon are you and what do you hoard?

You're A Dragon!

What type of dragon are you?Update: Added some humorous results and new dragon types, along with other new things

FR Dragon! (flight and breed only)

This time with no genes or colors listed.

your dungeons and dragons build

what is you are dungeons and dragons character build



Your FR Dragon! (colors only)

Find out your Flight Rising dragon--this time with no genes listed. Colors are listed in Primary/Secondary/Tertiary order.

FR Dragon! (genes only)

Find out your Flight Rising dragon--this time with no colors listed.

Dragon Generator

What type of dragon are you? Feathery winged serpent? Enormous violent god? LET'S FIND OUT!I encourage all of you to be creative in what your dragon looks like. Is it long? Stout? More east Asian inspired or European? Go crazy with it!

What kind of Istaria Dragon are you?

WHAT TYPE ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!?Istaria is an mmo where you can play as a dragon!Get the game here: http://istaria.com/

Your FR Self Dragon

Scrying workshop but tailored to you ;3c

Ultimate Dragon OC Creator

Gives your dragon a type, a personality, an appearance, plus Alignment.

You as a monster hunter elder dragon

Some descriptions may not be 100% canonical bc i mixed old and new world canon together but thats part of the fun isnt it

dragon pose idea generator i guess

yeah i have no idea anymore. i also run out of ideas for art so h

Your Derple...

Unlock the bumpy mysteries of the soul.

Who's your Dragon Elder Crush?

For those who want to know which of Spyro's dragon elder dads they would like to be with~ Includes the more villainous dragons as well, for those who like a more evil side.

WOF Nightwing Genorator

Input the name of your Nightwing and get a description.

WOF Silkwing Genorator

input a name for your silkwing, get a description

Lizard 2 Dragon!

What lizard would your dragon pet be based off of?

Smaugst 2020

Generate a dragon prompt once a day every day of Smaugst! (I'd recommend typing "Day 'x'" each day)
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