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A furry trash cat who's addicted to coffee and likes to draw. INFJ-T - Digital Artist - Coffee

Favorites(Sorted by Date)

1. You as a magical girl in the PMMM univer... (595)
2. you as a puella magi (1,245)
you as a puella magi!
3. Madoka Magica OC Generator (8,466)
Generates a custom Puella Magi.
4. Gay Furry Crush. (787)
Who is your furry crush?
5. A Gay Kinky Kemono (NSFW!) (1,653)
You stumble upon a land full of anthropomorphic animals. Of all the beefy furry guys out there, who ...
6. Time for Adventure! (1,056)
What anthro mercenary are you hiring along for today's fantasy adventure?
7. Your First Time (1,437)
Insert the name of whatever creature you want to share your first time with :D
8. Bara Friend From High School (2,517)
Your old friend is coming to visit. He was always cute to you back then, but now? WOOF!
9. Furry Beach (2,159)
Love at first sight this summer
10. Your new furry neighbor (male only versi... (1,500)
The vacant house next to yours is finally getting a new owner. I wonder what they're like.
11. Furry Senpai Generator (1,968)
What would your senpai be?
12. Hypnobear Week (2,540)
How did the Hypnobears treat you?
13. Furry Bara Bedmate (3,876)
Who's that lucky guy you love to sleep with?
14. Bara Furry Hot Spring Encounters (2,538)
Ever wondered what lies in wait for you at the hot springs? Open the doors and find out!
15. Your Furry Bodyguard (2,392)
In need of protection? Let us assign one of our many men to keep you safe! (Professionalism not guar...
16. Furry Friend With Benefits (2,204)
Your friend with benefits <3
5 furry by @Ursso_
17. Who's your date? (2,245)
Who's going to take you out on the town and ehat do they plan? Note: some results are gender ne...
18. Your New Furry Boss (2,526)
You just came in for an interview. You don't know who or what to expect, but the black leather ...
19. Kemono Bara Cuddle Buddy! (2,855)
Find out which big guy you get to snuggle up to~
20. Furry Commanding Officer (3,565)
Find out who your furry commanding officer is and how to please them for that 'promotion'
21. Your Furry Valentine (2,941)
Find out who your furry sweetheart will be, and how you'll spend the day together!
22. Your Bara Furry Blind Date! (3,759)
You've been set up on a date! Who do you meet with, and how does it go?
23. Bara Dad 101 (3,411)
My very first shindan, hope you guys like it~!
24. Ideal Furry Lover (3,025)
Find out your completely random Ideal Furry Lover. Mix of species, Random Daily.
25. Main's Bara Furry Escort Service (3,407)
Who's your furry escort?
26. Furry Sugar Daddy (5,032)
Get your funding from a sexy daddy
27. What happened to you at the kemono house... (6,864)
what kind of debauchery did you get into at the kemono house party?
28. Werewolf Encounter (6,012)
What kind of werewolf do you encounter in the wilderness?
29. Your Kemono Hookup (7,202)
is rly good. There are some weird rare results shuffled in...
30. Your Bara-Kemono Workout Buddy (6,927)
Who's spotting you in the gym today?
31. Your encounter with a furry warrior (8,671)
You encountered a mighty warrior. What is going to happen?
32. What furry did you encounter in the wood... (12,768)
One day, you have a random, strange encounter with a furry in the woods. What happened?
33 Furry
33. A Bad Time At The Park (16,521)
Warning: Contains lewd and fetishy/furry outcomes! Most likely vore, but not limited to just that. F...
34. Your Furry Gay Male NPC Scene Generator! (1,425)
Looking for a quick NPC and a scene to work with for an RP or any kind of situational inspiration? L...
35. What to Draw Challenge (1,954)
A furry-art generator to provide you with a simple enough idea with enough combinations to challenge...
36. Your Furry Male Fantasy Adventure Partne... (5,368)
Upon heading into the Tavern, you contemplate just what kind of partner you will encounter inside. H...
37. Your Furry Male College Roommate Generat... (7,824)
It's time to head to college and you'll be sharing a dorm with someone. Hopefully they are...
38. Beastly Beau (6,685)
Find your beastly beau!
20 by @KihuBlue
39. Furry TF RPG (4,937)
You transform! Your stats are:
40. Your Furry Male Workout Partner! (8,377)
Going to the gym alone is not as fun as having someone big and inspirational to work out with! Just ...
41. Your Furry Male College Professor Genera... (8,894)
A new year at college begins, new classes, new students, no roommate, and most importantly, new prof...
42. Your Gay Male Anthro Pokemon Partner Gen... (5,419)
In a world with Pokemorphs, they are much more than just your pet, or are they?! Only way to find ou...
43. You Gay Furry Male New Neighbor Generato... (14,417)
Someone is moving in, be it down the hall, across the street, or right next door! Who is this new ha...
44. Your Male Furry Bara Doctor Exam Generat... (7,204)
Not feeling well and need to visit your doc for a check up? Turns out your regular physician is out ...
45. Your Furry Male Locker Room Scene Genera... (10,748)
You've had a long workout and it's time to head to the locker room and shower up. As you t...
46. Your Furry Gay Bartender Generator! (5,400)
After a long and stressful day at work, it's time to head to the bar and have a drink before he...
47. Your Gay Male Furry Exotic Dancer Genera... (8,284)
Time to spend a nice evening at the local strip club and check out some of the hot dancers! With a w...
48. Your Male Furry Fantasy Bodyguard Genera... (4,634)
It is time for adventure, but a tough quest never done alone. Time to hire a bodyguard to join you a...
49. You Gay Male College Crush Generator! (3,799)
High School is over, you're in college now! You're far away from home and there are so man...
50. Your Furry Male Boss Generator! (9,529)
It is known that every fur should be employed, but just who do you work for? Do you work for a sexy ...
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