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You as a Magical Girl

Find how are you as a Magical Girl!

Madoka Magica OC Generator

Generates a custom Puella Magi.

Your contract is signed.

Your Kyubey's newest magical girl! Now... What's your name again?

Which Madoka Magica girl are u

which PMMM girl are you

PMMM Witch Generator

Makes simple randomized Witch type and natures.Some natures are from canon witches. Does not provide witch names, since that would be a pain to match thematically to natures/etc, the name entered is the name given.


How's your life as a Magical Girl?

PMMM OC Generator [Part 2]

Includes outfit style, colors, weapons, and accessories.

PMMM OC Generator [Part 1]

Your new Magical Girl's genetics (eyes, hair, body type, ect)

how homura are you

are you homura. find out in this thrilling shindan

PMMM OC Generator [Part 3]

Why she became a magical girl, why she continues to fight, and her ultimate fate.

Your Madoka Magica Life (And Death?)

Want to find out what you would do as a Pulla Magai?
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