[stupid] diagnoses on that theme

clown alignment chart

how clown are you?

horny dungeon creature thing(?)

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yea dungeon time

Kind of Kawaii

Your Kind of Kawaii is...

Attack On Death

so u do the whole 'dying' thing in snk and

What kind of fruit are you?

Just random things

How stupid/dumb are you?

find out how stupid you are with this simple test!

You and something means this!

You + something = feelings you have!

What's your Foxhound Codename?

Ever want to have a cool name like Solid Snake? Now you can!


crazy? stupid? feral? ham?

What are you as a mythological creature?

This test tells you about the aspect and personality of your mythological equivalent.

Your Crappy Chinese Takeout Restaurant!

You've always had an admirable dream...to open your very own crappy Chinese takeout resdauran.But what will you name it?! Let's find out!!

Rawr Rawr test

test your Rawr power

The hilarious horny meter

Check your stupid frickin’ horny levels and wash your face while you’re at it, fricker

Create a Sonichu...?

Planning to plunge into CWCville if Christine’s theory of realities merging comes true? Well, you may need help from your own Sonichu!


It’s just a joke
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