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Complete Fate Servant Generator

This Shindan tells you what kind of servant are you in Fate series. It includes:1. Class2. Alignment3. Status4. Active Skills5. Passive Skills6. Noble Phantasm7. Card Hit-Count8. Rate of NP Gen, Crit Star Gen, Crit Weight9. Relationship

Your Anime Character: Role, Genre, Stats

Who are you, and in what kind of series?Five parameters.Not serious, updates every now and then.

Hazbin Hotel OC Generator

Make your own resident of hell from VivziePop's series, Hazbin Hotel!

Your Animal Form

What animal form would you have in the world of "To Belong"? See what type of mammal, bird or reptile you would have been born as in this fantasy world. What is TB? Google "To Belong The Animated Series" to find out! ;D

Your date with Free!

what has this series done to my life

Your Utapri lover~

Find out your lover in the Uta no Prince-sama series! Are you ready?

What kind of Warrior Cat are you?

What would your life be if you were a cat in Erin Hunter's Warriors series?

Your FREE swimming anime LOVER

Find out your lover in the FREE (swimming anime) series! Are you ready?

What Servant will you summon?

FATE Series last updated 12/JAN/2016

Demon Slayer OC Generator

A thorough OC creator for the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba series.

Kingdom Hearts OC Generator (Specific)

An OC Generator that gives a possible weapon and Stats from the Kingdom Hearts series

Complete Personas Generator

This Shindan tells you what kind of Personas are you in Persona Series. it includes 1.Arcana 2.Skill Inheritance Types 3.Level 4.stats 5.Elementals Effective 6.Skills 7.Electric Chair Execution Item 8.Fusion Recipes

Your role in Kingdom Hearts

Who you are in the series

Verify Ur Mobile Suit

Your mobile suit/armor in gundam series

What kind of faunus are you?

Find out what kind of animal person you are from the popular web series RWBY

Your Future Manga

If you were a mangaka, what will your hit series be? If it's interesting, it'll get serialized!

What class servant are you?

Your class based on Fate/series

Dragon Ball FighterZ Team Generator

An all-out beatdown of your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball series coming to fruition! Who will be your fighters in a match of the ages!

Wings of Fire Character Generator

A Wings of Fire character generator for all those Wings of Fire fans out there. There are two lines a non-hybrid line in the hybrid line which includes two tribes from the series you can choose either.I hope you enjoy!

WoF Dragon Generator

Find out what kind of dragon you'd be from the Wings of Fire series, with some other stuff too!

Your RPG Potential

Based on the Planner Scenario created by Alice Soft (i.e. the Rance series' universe).The average person has a level cap from 5-10.For skills: Lv1 = Professional, Lv2 = Genius, Lv3 = Legendary

Who are you in Fate Series?

What kind of servant and who is your master?

What UNDERTALE character are you??

What character from the UNDERTALE series are you?

What is your summon in FF

Diagnoses your Summon at Final Fantasy Series

Tokyo Ghoul Character Generator

Here I'll help you select characteristics for your oc(s) based off of the (東京喰種) Tokyo Ghoul series!

Harvest Moon husbando

Who is your Harvest Moon husband across series

Free! character generator

A character generator for the anime series, Free!

UNordinary ability chart.

This is shere you can see your abilty and how strong you are in the series of "UNordinary."


Discover your Persona, Major Arcana, and more! Based on the Persona JRPG series.
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