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You but as a D&D character

What kind of Dungeons and Dragons character are you?

Your DnD Character

Your DnD Character stats

Are You Dead?


stray kids stuff


DnD Character!

Find out your race, class, and stats! Results change daily.

Your D&D Character

What is your D&D character?

Your Personalized DND Character!

Take this as a template for a dungeons and dragons character if you're low for ideas! It includes the Class, Species, Languages, stats, proficiencies, and a personality chart. thanks for trying

D&D Character Creator

Selects the basic characteristics for a new dnd character.

Dnd Character Generator

Creates a 5e character for you to start with.

You as a Dnd Character

What kind of Dnd Character are you? Class, race, background, subclass, personality, and stats!

Kobold Companion

After doing a favor for a dragon, they offer you a kobold of theirs as a companion. Find out who your new kobold companion is!(Note: add +6 to each stat to convert into a usable DnD character!)

DnD 5e Maker

generates stuff from the 5e player handbook

DnD Hag name.

Dnd hangs have some pretty great names.

DnD OC Maker

A character creator for DND

Level 1 D&D Character

Find out who you'd be as a level 1 D&D character! (using 5th Edition rules)

D&D Mixed Character Generator

More Races than a lot of other generators have.Enter what name you want for the character and see what they are!

Ability Scores

Ever Played dnd? no? well it doesn't matter

what is ur true name


DND stats and personality

Find out what you will be like as and character

What DnD Character are you?

Randomly generate a DnD character

Your dungeons and dragons stats!

Use this generator to determine your starting stats for dnd

Basic D&D Character Generator

This generator creates the basics for the beginning of a character. Does not come with stats.Generates race, class, alignment, and background.

DnD Ability Score Generator!

Hopefully this works :3 It will generate a random score of 6-20 in each ability score category! Good luck.

What DND character matches your (fic.) name?

Beware, character may contradict all rules of the universe and break it(only one character creation per day)

Your DnD Level (Dungeons and Dragons)

This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-20 to generate the user's "level."

Your DnD 5E Stats!

This simple formula calculates your rolls for Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma.

Playable 5e DND character

Hey roll this to get a pick up and play dungeons and dragons character.


A 5e dnd generator for fun and inspiration.

What Pokémon Nature are you?

self explanatory. also this is mainly just for my pokemon dnd thing lol

My Oc

Dnd character
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