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svt energy

which seventeens have u absorbed

Seventeen as Twitter Mutuals

(i saw this done for loona and nct so here's a svt one)

soft k-idols (boys ver)

the boys are back in town(bts, exo, stray kids, 7oc, ptg, svt, nct (ot18), mx, day6, wanna one, astro)

being soft with idols

uhhh only groups i stan (twice, rv, mx, sk, exo, bts, day6. svt, astro, clc, bp, wanna one, pristin, 7oc, NCT127, kard, ptg) ill add more later

svt compatibility

who ru compatble w/..

— school life w/ seventeen 🍨

hello guys i’m back from the dead and i’m here to give you a lovely ‘school life with seventeen’ shindan, enjoy lmao

what should your svt otp be

what should your svt otp be

svt fight simulator

who in svt is going to fight you and How (there's a surprise)

loona as ur twitter mutuals

literally just a copy of my svt one

svt birth chart

ur placements as seventeen members

your svt meeting

where will YOU encounter them?? who knows.....

Seventeen as Your Twitter Mutuals!

let's see how chaotic it gets when you're mutuals with svt :>

Whose photocards will you get in SVT's An Ode?

they have 5 versions so why not!! carats follow me on twt: moonshuas

Which SVT members in the GC

You're in a GC with members of Seventeen. Who is who?

Who's SVT members in my life?

Who's member SEVENTEEN in my life? #pledis17

bias in seventeen

svt bias

Seventeen sebongs

Ur world with svt

Risa suka ming

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