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[R-18] The Dungeon of Lustful Swollen Tits

Translation of https://shindanmaker.com/a/581501An ero trap dungeon simulator focused on growing breasts.The translated original description is too long to fit in here so please see this link for instructions: https://pastebin.com/aKPVtbNG

hyper cock growth [multicock]

see how mind breakingly massive your characters cock(s) will get and how they will cum and how quickly!

Inflation story (female)

What type of inflation will you have? How much you will grow, and what will the strange man do with you?

Growing little girlfriend

Little girlfriend becoming huge girlfriend!



Criminal Chance Test

What's the chance you will be a criminal when you grow up?

swelling up

what started to grow while you were sleeping?

How Royal are you in Royale High?

This game is all about the game in Royale High, this game is your ever growing Dreamworld, please take the test to see how Royal you are.

Pokemon Growth Roomates

You live with a Pokémon Roomate, but one day this roomie becomes big. Let´s see how he grow and what is your reaction. (only male)

nonhuman bounty

how did you come to carry what grows inside of you?

Female Expansion

Let’s see how these women will grow!

Belly Growth Simulation 2.0

Your belly is growing, and you're going to find out why and you may just like it ;)

Belly Growth Simulation

Your belly is growing, this just tells you how and why.

Expansion Growth Rate

The character of your choice experienced a spurt, but why, where on them, and how quickly?By the way, chances are that they get pretty big.

Risky Muscle Growth

You may end up with the body of your dreams....or it could all go wrong

Expanders Everywhere

Someone of your choosing experiences the biggest growth of their lifetime in a random location.

what youre gonna do

I grew up in a very conservative place. Like, to the point of parody. Pretty much all my friends growing up had parents who were cops or in the military and shit. Even years after the election if you drive around the place you see multiple houses that are

Growing Girlfriend

Your girlfriend loves you so much there's no more space for her love to go but up.

Breast Expansion

How do your titties grow? Lets find out~

Growth Short Story



A college student dealing with golden child and imposter syndrome simultaneously. Just trying to find happiness and grow from unhealthy habits.

Growth Academy experience

You receive a letter of acceptance to a Japanese academy you never applied to, what's more is you don't have a say in the matter, find out how things end up!

Giantess Rampage 2.0

Enter the name of the girl who grows. Vastly improved version of my original Giantess Rampage, with more possibilities and some things borrowed from Shrunk at School.

Sizable Malfunctions

You volunteer to test out a new, experimental size changing laser, only for it to malfunction. How will you shrink, how will you grow, and what side effects might you encounter.

Muscle growth stories — realistic (ita) (NSFW)

Stories about muscle growth in real life.Storie di crescita muscolare realistiche.WARNING —- NSFW

Monstrous muscle TF/Growth

A strange encounter causes some big changes. What has become of you?[NSFW] and [Cock Vore] WARNINGThemes of multi-limbs, multi-cock, hyper, vore, tentacles, hyper muscle, and monstrous proportions.

caasi's growth special

what quirky scenario do you get in and how do you end up? find out!

Fantasy rpg growth v.6

After a migthy deed or a lucky shot your physical stats received an upgrade! How do they impact your look?

What happens after you drink BEASTMODE™ [NSFW]

BEASTMODE™ is a super experimental muscle growth formula that is taking the world by storm. People are transforming into their inner beast and growing to immense sizes. What will happen to you?
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