[Giantess] diagnoses on that theme

Inner Giantess

She drinks a glowing vial of time-release growth serum. It will bring out her inner giantess & personality. The vial shatters in her grip as it makes her stronger. None of it cuts her, she is now invulnerable.

You are now a Giantess

what you'd act like as a giantess.

What kind of Tiny would you be

What your size, living place and desires.

Giantess growth

A simple giantess shindan.

Giant Stats

what are your stats if you were Huge

How will she vore you?

Your the size of a sausage and about to be eaten. How will you perish?

Shrinking Fantasy

Just a shrinking fantasy~

How will your detention end?

Your the size of a bug and in trouble with your teacher. How will you be punished?

How will you be crushed?

Your the size of a bug. How will you be crushed?

Daily Crush City

Get your daily crush in the city!

Shrunken by a Furry Girl!

Enter your name, and see what the giant furry girl does to you~

Giant monster girls/boys

you get to be huge AND be a cute monster type. (Small chance to be small)

Your Shrunken Scenario

What, how, and who do you shrink with?Just testing this stuff out.

Giantess Stats

Enter the name of the Giantess and see the results

Growing little girlfriend

Little girlfriend becoming huge girlfriend!
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