[Butt] diagnoses on that theme

Inflation Spell Generator

Can be used on yourself, or other people ;)

A Special Rear View

You (or whomever you may choose) desire a bigger tush, but how exactly will this be accomplished? Just one name anyway from the results you crave, butt do not expect anything amazing! Well, maybe. Extremeness and NSFW-ness of results may vary.

Inflation Shindan 2.0

Involves various kinds of inflation.(i.e. Soda, Air, Water, Et cetera)

Butt inflation (female)

Butt expansion with random story, random size and random filling material. But one thing can not be random: the thing that you’ll enjoy it!

are you a butt

find out how butt you are

What do you call your butt?

There are many names for a butt, but what name do you use?

How much of a butt are you?

Butts are gross some of the times, are you the gross or are you the butt.
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