[Friends] diagnoses on that theme

Why You're Alone

Find out why you're oh-so-alone...

What Girl Are You In Your Friend Group?

Find out what type of girl you are in your friend group!

What Percent Popular Are You?

Find out how popular you really are!

Persona and Friend

your persona and best friend from persona 4

what ur friends say about u

ur friends DEFINITELY say stuff behind ur back it could be positive or negative idk

Your Imaginary Friend

Diagnoses your strange friends. Please draw the result.


Diagnose now to see your short story with ASTRO!!! (THIS IS JUST FOR FUN :DDD)

are you a good friend

see if you are a good friend

Your Furry Pokemon Trainers

A new world is open like a book to you. Now you’ll meet 5 new furry friends and complete de pokedex. But maybe Will be rivales. Who knows?

That one Meme

Out of your friends, which are you?

Chatzy Scenario

lol trollin in the deeep

Barnumic Personality Profiler

This assessment measures your personality based only on your name.


Something for my nerd dork friends!

Who is Valerie's Boyfriend today

idont even fucking kno

The Jackbox Multiverse RP - TV Zone!

[[NOT TO BE USED BY EVERYONE]] This is ANOTHER inside thing between myself and a few friends (Grotto, Julia, Karma, Miles, Squirrel, and Tree). This time we're taking the sentient channels and getting friend connections with them or something like that.

Crop Haven Lover

also includes best friend, rival, and what kinda pet you have! crop haven belongs to pandrena on tumblr


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