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Which BTS Song matches with your name?! (93)
BTS music is life 💜💜💜
which song on fine line are you (220)
stream fine line by harry styles
What BTS song are you?? (146)
Including Mixtapes & Solo songs
What BG & GG should you stan? (77)
Both active & disbanded. sorry if I miss any ^-^u (Includes sub units)
Who&039;s your kpop bestfriend ? (608)
Let's see your bestfriend in kpop :)
which nuest song are you (697)
idk i'm bored
k-pop song recs ! (gg ver.) (110)
hi bebe if ur a gg stan and want to stan flop ggs or female soloists .. take this test to have taste...
k-pop song recs ! (bg ver.) (80)
hi poopoo this was dedicated to people who want to have taste. if u already know the song u got befo...
Dancer/Musician (33)
Dancer Musician Singer Gamer Maknae 16 Likes to eat
Musician/ Dancer (26)
Creates music 16 years old Plays guitar Games Sings Dances
Musician (7)
16 years old Small Creates music Can dance Sings
voice test with musical Black Notes (128)
You sound like the sound of music. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do... ♪♩♫♬
which got7 japanese songs are you? (71)
here’s what i’ve been doing instead of working on my assignments ur welcome
What&039;s Your 2020 BTS bgm? (101)
Which BTS songs will make up the bgm to your 2020? Find out here ꉂꉂ(๑˃▿︎˂๑)ァ,、'`
What % BTS songs are you? (162)
What's your inner rhythm? Find out your personality in BTS tunes~~ (o^^o)♪
your kpop playlist~✿ (107)
generates a kpop song list for you (includes b-sides and korean produced english/chinese/japanese so...
Who is your MBLAQ&039;s husband? (11)
Flop test
Which OG rapper are you? (53)
Starset songs (15)
Find out your favorite Starset songs!
are you a chopsticks and champagne stann... (30)
stream chopsticks and champagne by first in flight you absolute coward
NeoPhoenix (0)
your indie/lofi/alternative playlist (206)
which waterparks song are you? (23)
FANDOM by WATERPARKS released on OCTOBER 11 2019
How well would you do on Produce 101? (2... (305)
A remade version of my old shindan If someone didn't know, Produce 101 is a competition show wh...
With with artist will you collab with? (191)
With which artist/singer/musician/k-pop idol will ya collab with? Use this test to find out!
which rpm character are you? (191)
which sf9 title track are you? (343)
What would be your Stand be if you were in JJBA?
whos your kpop wifey ;))) (443)
date her itll be cute
which ateez song are you (840)
you should definitely stan js
nct as your staff (1,871)
YOU'RE the idol this time
which nct song are you? (12,243)
*mark voice* it's a ~bop~
Your relation with kpop maknae&039;s (3,804)
groups included: - nct (127/u/dream) - bts - txt - exo - red velvet - backpink - stray kids - twice ...
Which Music Genre Are You? (131)
I very much like to write Core with a capital letter...
jaejae (4)
Van (0)
Good & rare
*ight of *ights (ver1) (52)
Get your very own ight of ight riiiight here.
What Your Visual Kei SubGenre? (25)
I don't want write description...
You as an idol~ (1,296)
What will be your position? When will it be?
your kpop family! (1,111)
your kpop family
Your Vocaloid relations! (140)
Find out your relations with Vocaloids/Fanloids/Utauloids for fun! XD Only the famous Vocaloids are ...
i&039;ll recommend you 3 kpop songs (108)
so... yeah
finish the lyrics! (72)
you’ll be given lyrics from two different songs and titles from two albums! which combination will y...
who are these band members to you? (57)
enter your name to see your relationship with these alternative band members!
Which BTS member are you? (929)
find out which bts member you are uwu
Debut song title (59)
Ever wondered what cryptic name your debut sound would have? Or just looking for genral inspiration?...
hdks (1)
Gachapin Energy (5)
What is your Gacharic Spin energy
Which Kpop Group Position would you be (473)
who will u be
clc song you should listen to (148)
they produce only bops so listen to them
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