[Band] diagnoses on that theme

You in a band

If you ever join a band what position will you have?

Your Band Name

Need a band name? Here's the best one for you.

Your Musical Instrument

What musical instrument are you destined to play?

Your Japanese Band for Today ♪

What Japanese band songs you should listen to today...

What's your band's name?

Ever wanted to have a band?

Your Wind Instrument

What wind instrument will you play in concert band?

Your ONE OK ROCK date!

What kind of date will you have and with who from ONE OK ROCK?

bandori band mixer

make a whole new band!

You as a Musician

Let's imagine, that you are a member of a band. But how popular are you? What kind of songs do you write? And what's your role? Let's find out!

Band Member Generator!

A descriptive generator to find out your next rock band member!

Band energy test

what is ur band energy lmao

Band generator

Idk what to put here
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