[MUSIC] diagnoses on that theme

which nct song are you?

*mark voice* it's a ~bop~

Your relation with kpop maknae's

groups included:- nct (127/u/dream)- bts- txt- exo- red velvet- backpink- stray kids- twice- ioi- wanna one- seventeen- wayv- shinee- exid- gfriend- monsta x- day6- astro- the boyz- got7

You as an idol~

What will be your position? When will it be?

Music Genre Generator

pick a genre, any genre.

What kpop song are you?

What song describes your life. OuO


Who's gonna****you tonight?

What RWBY song is your theme song?

Will include the ones that are known and trailer versions.

what song should you be listening to right now?

find out what song is the best for you

nct as your staff

YOU'RE the idol this time

What NCT song are you

every song is included up to the simon says repackage from all units !

You in a band

If you ever join a band what position will you have?

Exo lovestory

Exo members in love

What is your Touhou theme?

find out what stage and boss theme you'd have if you were in a Touhou game (already existing themes). Includes all games: Touhou 1 through Touhou 16. Also includes music featured in the Music CDs. (21/05/18) updated to today's standards

Your Love Live Song!

What song by u's/Printemps/BiBi/lily white/A-RISE describes you the best?

Your idol career

What kind of idol will you be?

What is your theme song?

It's not supposed to make sense.

which mcr song will be played at your funeral?

there are a couple solo projects and random songs too

Which BTS member are you?

find out which bts member you are uwu

Your NND Duet

Find out your destined Nico Nico Douga duet partner and song!

your kpop family!

your kpop family

Your theme song

The name of your theme song


Listens to Korean Music

What Is Your Stage Name?

What name do you choose for yourself when you becme an international super star?

What song is best for your Parings?

[Person 1 x Person 2] or their fandom shipped name thingMy music tastes. Don't like it, I'm very sorry ;-;

A song for your ships!

Whether real or fictional.Songs are of the EDM/Indie genreListen to them on YouTube! Or look up lyrics.I'll keep adding!If your ship is male x make and the song you get is about a man x female. Just imagine it's about a male, vice versa

amv generator

someone is making an amv for that anime you like wow which song will they choose. enter the show name in the box obviously

Who is Your Soulmate in AKB48?

Find your soulmate in AKB48 ♥

Your Band Name

Need a band name? Here's the best one for you.
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