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Ethnicity generator (36,291)
This generator will give you an ethnicity. Since people can be many different mixes of ethnicities r...
Hot! 9
Your RWBY Life (69,785)
A OC generator, minus the name. You provide that. Have added main, support, villains and misc charac...
who is ur kpop idol soulmate (44,287)
there are two different outcomes to this diagnosis.
Going to the Gym (14,206)
This is one for the many fetishists out there. Includes a different array, but not including gore an...
What kind of waifu are you? (13,501)
let see what waifu are you...
Fetishtopia (12,161)
This is one for the many fetishists out there. Includes a different array, but not including gore, s...
What&039;s your Miracusona? (10,985)
Miracusona Generator - Change capitalization for different results
Ship Success Meter (10,946)
100 different, permanent, results for your shipping needs!
ship prompts/AUs (10,148)
just put in your favorite ships name for some sweet fluffy prompts! you can use the 'alternativ...
What kind of husbando are you? (8,306)
well lets judge what is your husbando type and what will you do to your waifu.
What color of the rainbow are you? (6,465)
Includes different shades/finishes, too!
Witchsona/Wizardsona Maker (5,885)
Make your witch/wizard and draw him/her! If you want a different result, just try using your surname...
Furry Sleepover: Shrinking Shenanigans (5,311)
Sleepovers - those magical nights that turn into mornings as you pass the hours away with good frien...
Persona 5 Social Stats (4,061)
Determine your different capabilities in your social life
Brejen&039;s Vore Generator (3,352)
I've seen a ton of different shindanmakers now, and decided to take a crack at it! So, what wil...
Male Character Generator (3,180)
To help you create different characters so you can practice drawing a new person daily.
An Inflation Shindan (3,116)
Many different scenarios with more "realistic" sizes. Good for prompts.
Monstergirl Relationship (2,826)
What kind of relationship do you have with a Monstergirl. (Try everyday for a different result.)
Fire Emblem (1-15) Character Creator (2,704)
A lot of classes appear more than once and have different weapons, so I have chosen what weapons I t...
What iFunny Subculture Do You Belong To? (2,680)
iFunny is comprised of many different groups. Find out which one you truly belong to!
What species of Pokémon are you? (2,606)
There are 721 different species of Pokémon. If you were a Pokémon, which one would you be?
Your KPOP Husband (2,398)
Find out who'll be your future husband! (29 different bands)
Find out where your weight is (2,284)
See the new weight of your character spread across different parts of the body.
exo placements (2,164)
astrology, but with exo members as the different signs!
What do the Monster Girls think of you (2,039)
See tree different opinions of tree different species from Monster Girl Encyclopedia.
What is your Cybertronian colour scheme? (1,842)
Give or take, most Transformers have around three different colours on their bodies no matter how mi...
Test your magic affinity (1,742)
What is your affinity like for different magic types? Take this shindan to find out!
Ideal Date with SHINee (1,597)
Which SHINee member will date you, and what will he want to do? 25 different answers!
What kind of anime character are you? (1,553)
See how you would end up as a character in the anime universe! (Some results were shortened to fit a...
What Is Your Anime Intro? (1,536)
There are a lot of different anime intros..Which one is yours?
Undertale Vendor Generator (1,500)
Makes a salesperson for Undertale. If you want a vendor for a different game, ignore the species and...
Derpibooru Shindan No. 2 (1,253)
A different result every day!
Which set of emojis are you? (1,250)
RANDOM RESULTS. If an emoji appears twice, choose a different one. PLEASE READ THIS: Made with an an...
personality alignment: revived (1,225)
how stupid, horny, feral, clown, cursed, and baby are you results are different from original
How good will you be as a kpop idol? (1,043)
Rating out of ten in different categories (singing, dancing, rapping, cute and visual)
Elsword Character Generator (947)
Generate your own Elsword character with three different job trees!
What is Your Familiar? (897)
Many different animals can be familiars. What's yours? Includes a brief description and stats.
Huniepop Characteristics Generator (868)
Generate your own Huniepop character's characteristics using this tool! Come back every day or ...
Try a New Marvel Team (761)
Randomly assigns a Marvel team to try out! (Assist type uses different characters to get around dupl...
Twitter with Shinee (736)
There's already a version like this (https://en.shindanmaker.com/902718) so I decided to make a...
[Pokémon] What&039;s your type? (734)
Are you a Fire type Pokémon? A dragon-slaughtering Fairy type? A gentle Grass type? Or something com...
Character Personality Generator! (698)
Generator for character info and personality I cant believe this generator was used in twelve differ...
Madoka Magica OC generator: Japanese and... (698)
People from two different countries. First name, last name, wish and power and death. Your hair text...
Magical Girl Community College (649)
Your stats as a student at Magical Girl Community College. Different stats every day!
[OC Generator - Appearance] (639)
Part of a series of OC generators, each focusing on a different aspect of your OC. Feel free to pick...
Your Daily Positive Thought (635)
Get a different positive thought every day ♥
Kpop Project Group (Girl Dance Unit) (634)
Create your own dream stage with idols from different girl groups!
Isekai Circumstances (620)
You were reborn into a different world! Enjoy! Random options + appearance, it's pretty dumb. ...
Chain Chronicle Arcana Generator (604)
A random generator for arcanas. The shindan has very random permutations and may result in multi-cla...
How did you die? (506)
how ded you died did deded. Great for OCs. Put them in here. Cry. You're welcome. Be aware some...
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