[Shrink] diagnoses on that theme

Shrunk in a Furry High School

The lunch bell rings, and you head to the Chem lab in search of your missing homework. Whoops! You spill a vial of green liquid onto yourself. Suddenly, you shrink to a mere half-inch! Thunderous footsteps draw closer, and a massive shadow covers you.

Life as a Macro/Micro couple

what you and your significant other would do in a Micro/Macro situation

Shrink Ray 2.0

Excellent improvements have been made, now thank you for volunteering to test our shrink ray/ Didn't volunteer well to late you've been zapped and are shrining.

What kind of Tiny would you be

What your size, living place and desires.

Shrink Ray!

You've been zapped by a science beam and start shrinking! How small will you get!?

Shrunk at school

What does she do to you

Shrunk in Animal Crossing

Being mayor is no small job, or so you thought! But next thing you know, you've woken up to find yourself no bigger than a Bell in somewhere that isn't your bed. Will the animal you cross be feeling neighborly or nefarious? Includes character pictures!

Shrink Ray

You are zapped by a shrink ray! How small will you get?

Shrinking Fantasy

Just a shrinking fantasy~

Big Furry's Helpless Meal

Yesterday, you had laughed at the outlandish rumors of an illegal restaurant that abducts and shrinks its victims to serve patrons with predatory tastes. You weren't laughing now, having been chosen to fill a hungry customer's stomach. Bon Appétit.

Animal Crossing Shrinkage 2.0

You were fishing, hunting bugs, fruit collecting, whatever, when you suddenly shrunk down to a small scale. Let's hope the villagers will be willing to help their new shrunken friend. (Now with images and improved stuff) (Both males and females)

Shrunken by a Furry Girl!

Enter your name, and see what the giant furry girl does to you~

Shrink with anthro pokemon

You accidentally become little in front of an anthro pokemon. He will help you or will make your life a mini-hell? Let’s see it! (only male version)
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